For the love of god, DC drivers are nuts! I think I have a better chance in

Iraq with guns atop my  hummer……………wait a minute, not a bad idea! If your in traffic, Im the guy with the cigar shaking his head at the mass collection of window lickers on one street!

OK, Im back! Email is running and life is good. Oh and I got the SOB who sent me the little virus present too! More to follow, reinforcements are inbound!

Lighting one up-

Semper Fi

Capt B


  1. If there’s anything left of him when you get done with him, G, send him on down here. I’ve got a bone to pick with him. 🙂 Glad the email’s back up!

  2. DC Drivers – ah the memories. I learned to drive there and just to the north. Watch out for the traffic circles. Everything else is maneuvering to get ready for the circles.
    You also brought a flashback of going back to the base in CA. Going through a green traffic light, we got broadsided at about 0600. Will never forget the sight of my buddy pulling his 6’6″ 265 lbs body covered in Marine utilities out of our car, walking over to other driver (2 couples busy with other things) and leaning on the driver’s door. All I remember was their car shaking uncontrollability…
    Semper Fi,

  3. Driving in DC for the first and only time back in April was “interesting”. I’ll never understand why in God’s name people stop dead in the middle of the expressway because of something happening in the opposite direction that has no bearing on them continuing at a normal rate of speed. It’s nuts. My son and I always joked about wanting a James Bond car with guns and rocket launchers for those situations.

  4. Good to have you back….now your email will be flooded by all your groupies here…
    When I lived in DC think I moved the car about 6 times…just to much trouble to try to drive unless going out of town!…be careful LOL

  5. Hey, driving around here is sometimes our only adventure! But it sure would be alot more fun with a few, ahem… loud toys attached to the vehicle!
    Good to have you back at full strength, Capt!

  6. Yup, lots of idiot drivers here who graduated from the Betty Crocker School of Driving. (Now you know how the mixing bowl got it’s name!!) Yeesh!! Thank God for sunroofs – they defintely come in handy when it’s time for the big guns to come out!!

  7. Love the picture Capt B!
    Sounds worse than the traffic here in the ATL…even with the overturned trucks and a rush hour that lasts from 5:00 a.m. till 10:p.m. and then some….then there’s that dang Peachtree street that just runs everywhere but never gets ya anywhere….not to mention the dreaded 285 loop or the 400 hallway of hell…
    at least we’re not driving HMVVV’s in full battle rattle and no a/c worring about hitting IED’s….

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