Recently I was able to attend the presentation of “Medal of Honor” flags to living Marines with the MOH or their spouse. It was truly an honor to talk with some of them as many were proud but still were taken back by the young warrior of today. It was a unique opportunity for both young and old to meet some of America’s heroes!


If you would like a nice gift for a service member or just want to read up on some of the MOH heros and what they did, the below is a great place to start!!


A cigar for your honor Marines!!

Semper Fi

Still in the attack!

Capt B


  1. Thank you Capt-B… glad you were able to participate; and grateful am I to be reminded of a quite early memory of my Father (WWII, First Marine Division, Guadalcanal) giving (we many kids) the “Atten-shun” snap of his fingers as he leapt to the same at a Memorial Day picnic one year. Even being young children, we were well-enough-trained brats standing immediately (perhaps even quicker): chin up, hand-on-heart. My mother, the only one at ease, so warmly engaging with the family of the veteran wearing the MOH. My older siblings understood, I only had eyes for the emotion in my otherwise ever stoic Pop. Later, I foolishly asked, “do you have a MOH Dad?” and nearly escaped a wave of wrath… nearly (smile). Although only in first grade, he compelled my written report on the Metal of Honor before his answer. My oldest brother read (at length) to me, while I flipped, yet again, through the photo pages of “The Old Breed”. My scrawled report (with crayon drawings) was as short as my Father’s answer (no MOH). Dad brought me to the Veterans hospital for me to share my paper with “real” heros; so tall and powerfully strong my Pop, next to those wheelchaired and bedridden; his eagle, globe & anchor (forearm) tattoo a welcome calling card. My red head well rubbed by strangers, I (again) learned much not to be fully understood until older, but was greatly impressed by his quiet tears on the way home. Half century on the planet and this is much easy to remember. Thank you Capt-B…you, and your fine men and women in arms…thank you always.

  2. What a great honor, to attend that ceremony!
    The Medal of Honor Flag is an excellent idea.
    America needs to know who our Heroes are.
    Semper Fi, and God bless!

  3. My son is one of the 8th and I Marines who was honored to be part of the ceremony that day. He stayed afterwards to talk to some of the MOH recipients. He called home just to tell us about the whole experience. He said the WWII vet he talked to was amazed that anyone would want to hear about him…my son’s internal response was “why isn’t the world lined up to hear him speak?”
    Thanks for sharing.

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