1. I gotta ditto LL here. Holy hell ‘B’! I just sent out 3 boxes of ‘normal’ cigars and none of them are going to you. So, pfffttthhhh. BTW, Hubby says he’s not sure you wanna be known as the Marine who needs a cigar. Sumthin about the last famous guy who needed one. Nuff said.:)

  2. Oooooo, I have visions of you stompin’ around with that Ceee-gar hangin’ outta your mouth and sayin’ somethin’ like this:
    “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”–George S Patton
    You a Patton carbon copy? Cuz you come across a bit like him. Well, except for that weird, jowly, bulldog face. You have a pretty face. Haaaahahahaha!!

  3. Ha! Don’t blame me if you’re old and medicated and too slow to keep up with us young pups! Right, Capt. B?
    Hey, is that you hiding behind the chair? Really, she’s too slow to hurt us…just gotta keep runnin’ is all!

  4. Oh LL, I am soooooo not sending you pics of my new landscaper. HA! Old my A…..
    And B get out from behind the chair, I’m not THAT slow!

  5. Oh LL, I am soooooo not sending you pics of my new landscaper. HA! Old my A…..
    And B get out from behind the chair, I’m not THAT slow!

  6. Ladies! Ladies, please!!! The Church sewing circle is gearing up to start making more Kevlar quilts and doesn’t need to be distracted with this kind of banter all over again!
    Buys some stinkin’ ceegars and leave the man alone. At least until this afternoon… 😉

  7. Hmmmm…. I seem to remember a President who also enjoyed a “fitting cigar”……
    You have anything you wanna confess, Capt?

  8. Gang-
    Here are three pics that range from $20-$110. All are good and if you are looking to send some to troops and want the biggest Bang for the Buck, I would recommend the first choice. The latter choice is the Captains bread and butter mainstay! Also if you are sending to troops, go to your local cigar shop and tell the manager what you’re doing. More than likely he will give you a discount or better match what you send!!!

  9. Thanks Capt! That helps a lot.
    You’re right about cigar shops giving discounts, too. My regular shop gives me at least a 30% discount on stoagies I buy for you guys!

  10. Thanks for the info and I am going to a cigar shop to see what kind of a deal I can get to send some cigars to my favorite guys in Iraq.

  11. I’ve used this site a few times
    They will ship direct to the APO/AE address. Don’t know about the FPO. They have Military specials and assorted sample packs and bundles. They give a good description of the flavors and types. They have a super customer service dept. also.
    I sent some to “Pinky” and the Bada Bing guys and he was very happy with them.
    My cigar shop man gave me a little discount but then threw in two bundles of “pass arounds”….I need to go see him again.

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