So I went to meet my Congressman. If you have never done this and find yourself in Washington DC, you need to go meet them. If you want to meet them and arnt going to DC anytime soon, you can write them as well.

The representatives are located in the Hart building next to the Nations Capital. They are open to the public along with the Senate floor where you can attend and listen to many topics and agendas being discussed. I walked into my reps office and said hello, what are you guys working on for the people of Colorado (my old home town)??? They were kinda surprised as I began to drill them about different topics but for the most part they were very cooperative and informative. They are there to serve you as the people and the states representatives. Usually, with a little notice they can arrange a private tour of the Capital as well. They are there for you. So if you cant go see your representative writ to the here:

Keep Attacking…..I am!!!

Semper Fi

Capt B


  1. It does pay to stay in touch with your elected representatives. For many reasons…one that’s a little off the wall, but still means a lot to my Mom…when Senator Dole was in office, there was a summer when canning lids were no where to be found in Western Kansas. My mother wrote to the Senator about this problem (I’m sure it was HIGH priority in the DC office) but within a week she received a case of canning lids from the Senator’s office…(I picture an aide looking around DC for canning lids LOL!) Kinda silly but definitely a case of elected officials “listening” to the folk back home.

  2. I highly recommend arranging the tour of the Capitol through your Congressman or Senator. Not only is it worthwhile to talk to them, and Cap B’s right about that, it’s fun to travel with their aide through the underground tunnel and train between the buildings, not to mention having access to parts of the Capitol you wouldn’t otherwise see. Breathtaking, indeed. Plus afterwards when you’re ranting and raving about MSM tv reports from the Capitol, you can take a moment and lower your blood pressure because you’ll recognize the rooms and the artwork behind whichever politico is spouting his/her current blah, blah, blah.

  3. I’d love to see you in Congress 🙂 That’s making me smile thinking about what their reaction to you would be. BTW,what is up with the email,G? Been trying to email you for a while now,keeps getting returned. Got all kinds of news.

  4. Captain, who did you attack now? Seemed more of a good ole fashioned Marine inspection to me. Really glad your Rep. passed. Failure to complete push-ups might have turned ugly.
    Semper gratus,

  5. I voted today in a run-off and couldn’t help but notice the lack of voters at the poles…our warriors are out there protecting our freedoms and right to vote and too many are still taking this privilege for granted…..

  6. now that would be interesting…we would all have to move into his district so we could vote for him…the poling places would be overflowing then!

  7. Chtrbx…
    Interesting?!?!?! Just interesting?!?! Can you visualize what it would be like if all of us lived in ONE district???? With the Capt?!?!?!?
    The conversation!! The stoags!!!!!! And the “attack”!!!! The district wouldn’t know what hit them!!!!
    BTW, I received a very cool invitation yesterday from my congressman. He’s going to have a Town Hall meeting at the end of the month. You can bet I’ll be there early so I can get a good seat!!

  8. You mean I’m gonna have to move – AGAIN? It’ll take more than beer, Capt B!
    My Congressman has just started an e-mail newletter (asking for opinions on current events and bills coming up before them), which is VERY appreciated!

  9. Free beer? I’m so moving. 🙂
    Good on ya for “checking in” with the reps Capt. B, shake it up for those of us who can’t do so in person.
    Semper Gratus!

  10. I have some wanderlust left in me and with free beer on tap save a spot for me in your district!
    By the way, if you happen to see that infamous rep from Ga pouting around,give her a quick whack in the chest with your cell phone for me!! No telling what kinda crapola she will try and stir up in the months she has left…..

  11. GN, speak for yourself here. LOL ALL of us? In one district? God forbid. You know I’d vote for ya Capt, but I think it might take something stronger than beer to keep all of us in line!!
    PS When does the Major Pain get pinned?

  12. Capt – you’ve got a free yahoo email account and look how well that’s working for all of us. Do you REALLY think a wanna-be politician with your track record can sucker us all into moving with the promise of free beer???
    Show us the kegs, Buddo!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I don’t think that would be a great idea for me, being as I’m from the state of Wash. And my senators are all of the wacky left. I might end up in jail! HA! Maybe, one of the house reps then! I think I could live in DC if CaptB was our rep!

  14. I don’t think that would be a great idea for me, being as I’m from the state of Wash. And my senators are all of the wacky left. I might end up in jail! HA! Maybe, one of the house reps then! I think I could live in DC if CaptB was our rep!

  15. So! Someone is gonna get promoted to Major? When’s the wetting down party?
    After I got promoted to Major, my lovely wife and I were enjoying dinner with her folks at their home. My mother-in-law asked (polite conversation wise) “Well what is it you will be doing as a Major that you weren’t doing as a Captain?”
    Before I could say a word my wife said, “Oh he won’t be doing anything different … he just won’t be doing it as well!”
    Wives … gotta love them.

  16. Capt B,
    Kudos on your DC mission. Keep harassing, keep intimidating, keep the pressure on. This isn’t really the place for this, but your email keeps returning none deliverable. I wanted to inform you that being so taken and impressed with your Blog I placed a link to it on my site. Just attempting to abide by what I regard as proper protocol. Check it out.

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