Despite a recent rash of insurgent attacks, Marines in

Barwanah , Iraq, say they are making notable progress equipping the Iraqi Army with the skills to take over security operations in this city of 30,000 nestled along the Euphrates River northwest of Baghdad.
Less than a month ago the soldiers and Marines formed a mounted mobile assault platoon – or “MAP,” as the Marines call it – capable of responding quickly to enemy attacks against Coalition Forces on foot.

The new platoon proved to be a big step for Iraqi forces – the MAP platoon captured 8 insurgents after responding to a firefight between Marines on foot and local insurgents.

Mounted in humvees, the mobile assault platoon gives Iraqi Security Forces here the means to respond to incidents much quicker than on foot, said Capt. Michael Hudson, commanding officer of Lima Company of 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment.

The Hawaii-based Marine battalion has spent four-plus months now in the Haditha Triad region, which includes Barwanah, fighting insurgents, working with locals to improve local economy and quality of life, and training Iraqi soldiers.


  1. It’s just a matter of time before they finally finish getting it all together – – as long as the people with the right agenda doesn’t fall for anymore radical BS from the terrorist whackos.

  2. The stronger the Iraqi army gets the sooner our guys can come home. Thanks for the update, the papers print less & less on the Iraq war. Stay strong Marines & keep attacking!

  3. Let’s hope they can secure their own country soon. Thanks for posting this. As Douglas says, the papers are printing less and less. What’s even more amazing, people seem to not care that we’re in a fight for our very existance.

  4. Just heard from one of ‘my guys’ there yesterday. He says the Iraqi’s are coming along pretty well and our guys are excited about the progress.

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