— The search for Army Sgt. Keith M. Maupin continued in Regimental Combat Team 5’s area of operations recently. A team of Marines, U.S. Army and British soldiers fanned out across several sites to search for the remains of the soldier missing for more than two years. The team searched in two separate locations in this town north of Fallujah. Marines from 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment assisted in the search.

Maupin is the only missing U.S.servicemember from Operation Iraqi Freedom. Navy Capt. Michael Scott Speicher, shot down during Operation Desert Storm, is the only other missing U.S.servicemember in


. This search marked the 86th separate site searchers combed through looking for any sign of Maupin.

A single, surface-laid bone was found. It was about six inches long, found at the second survey site. The single bone was bagged, labeled and shipped from Camp Fallujah to Balad Air Base and eventually delivered to Dover Air Force Base, Md. Tests there by experts later proved the bone was not that of Maupin’s, but that of an animal.

Still, no efforts are wasted in locating the missing soldier.“This is very important for us to do this,” said Army Chief Warrant Officer 5 Steven J. Nesbit, a 49-year-old member of the Personnel Recovery Detachment from Multi-National Corps-Iraq in


. “Any Coalition member lives by that creed that we never leave anyone behind.”
Maupin was taken captive by insurgents April 9, 2004 near Abu Ghraib, after his convoy was attacked. He was show in insurgent propaganda films in uniform and later, insurgents claimed to have shot and killed the soldier. The clip, shot under night vision, was grainy and unclear and experts were never able to verify if the shooting victim was, in fact, Maupin.

It was the second time searchers from MNCI came to RCT-5’s area to search for remains. Searchers arrived in March and searched two sites south of Fallujah with Marines from 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. At least two sets of remains were dug from crude graves on a desert hilltop in that search. Tests conducted after that search revealed that they were not that of Maupin


  1. As I had done searches with other Marines for the Sgt when we were there, the search continues. We havent given up and wont until we find him. Capt B

  2. There is always hope. Sgt. Maupin’s family must not give up hope, they are in my prayers.
    God Bless Our Troops and keep watch over them.

  3. Capt B, I’m so glad to hear that you were actively a part of the search for Matt, and that the search really does continue in earnest. Matt is from my area, and I can tell you his parents have not given up hope – not in the least. They keep a very positive attitude.
    Thanks for recognizing Matt by posting this. Even though I don’t know him personally, he is from my hometown, and it means a lot to see this.
    Semper Gratus

  4. I remember emailing you,asking you about him once before. I think about him a lot-I keep hoping someday he’ll be found so his family can know some peace one way or the other. Thanks for the update!

  5. I have had the honor and privilege of shaking the hands of Mr. and Mrs. Maupin. They are wonderful people and they know that our Marines are actively looking for their son.
    Captain B, I echo Seaurchin’s appreciation for your efforts to find Matt.

  6. I dont think any servicemember would want to be taken alive and would do whatever they had to to keep the enemy from taking them. Im sure although captured he resisted in all manners. We must never forget, freedom isnt free!

  7. I attended the service for PFC Tommy Tucker, who briefly was a POW. I carry his remembrance photo with me and shall continue to do so until Keith Maupin is found and Tommy’s murderers are apprehended. America cannot forget these two heroes. I thank you for posting this.

  8. Capt. B,
    You probably don’t know this, but Matt’s parents live within earshot of me. Their house is just a block away from my son’s school. Our entire community is covered with yellow ribbons and pictures of Matt. It’s heartbreaking, and no easier today than it was in April, 2004.
    I also had the honor of shaking Mr. Maupin’s hand one day. I ran into him at the local convenient store. His hat and shirt were covered with pins and pictures of Matt and their other son who is also in the service. I teared up, and just said “I pray for Matt’s return every day. I’m so sorry.”
    What else can you say? It’s a chance meeting I will never forget. His father has the kindest, saddest eyes.
    Thank you for remembering him, for looking for him, and for posting this story. Sadly, it was not reported in our local news. They’re usually much better about publishing any news about the search for Matt.

  9. My Husband served with Maupin in Iraq when he was captured, we have a picture of the two them together that will forever remain on our mantel….GOD SPEED Maupin, it was an honor to have served with you….

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