Alright you girliemen! Donation for cigars for troops, going good. Donations for our “Had enough” ad going better (send more) BUT when the call comes ya gotta help out folks! So you say you support the troops but not the war? Well then go to AnyMarine.com and check out where you can purchase a raffle ticket for a US Flag that I flew for AnyMarine.com in


for charity. The flag was up during a major operation where both friendly and enemy rounds flew past it. Get your part of history and bragging rights! Go HERE to check it out!!!   They are $5 each. Go light on the McDonalds tomorrow and help us out!!!


  1. I would like to help more financialy to support your projects but I am short of funds. I kept care packages going when Marine son was in Haditha. We sent more than he needed so he could share with his buddies. My daughter is fixing to start Poolee functions and plans to go to Basic School in November. My other son nearly destroyed his knee in Basic School because he tried to run on crutches. He was sent home against his wishes. He wanted to stay and finish Basic. I pray that you will excuse me for not sending money. I am sending my kids instead. Semper Fi Bro.

  2. I put the check in the mail this weekend, and will try to get another one off in the next few weeks.
    Semper Fi

  3. Okay, there are two checks in the mail. It was either tickets for the flag or one of Maj. Bell’s sweaty hats. Yuck.

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