Between movers showing up late, kids going to the emergency room at 0100 to getting strip searched at the airport Ive finally made it back to the DC area. Vacation was great, the beer was cold and the stoags burnt nicely. What a country!!


  1. Thank God you’re back. I’ve had the DT’s for the last few days…
    Need my Capt B fix!
    OK, you really must let us all in on the details of the airport ordeal. What did you have in your carry-on to deserve such attention???
    Semper gratus,

  2. Damn…. I *knew* I should have taken that TSA job….
    ER visits with the kids? NO THANKS. Been there-done that-got the medical bills, scars, and cast to prove it. *shudder* There is NOTHING in this world that frightens me more than my boys getting so hurt or sick they need to be hospitalized.

  3. I am stunned at the complete lack of common sense displayed by strip searching an active duty Marine with current ID. They need to hire someone who can tell a Marine out of uniform, like a Marine Vet or two. Suspose I should not be, but… That ought to come right after little 80 year old ladies. Never mind anyone who fits the “profile”. Liberalism gone wild! Glad you had well deserved rest and all is well.
    Semper Fi,

  4. Glad you had a good time–sorry about your little one’s boo-boo! What is it with active-duty soldiers being searched?? Someone should tell them they’re the GOOD guys!

  5. Ah yea Skipper welcome back to the land of the big PX. All the finer things late movers with attitude … air port inspectors drunk with power … hustle .. bustle and hassle.
    I love this country! At the end of the day, a cold beer, a good cigar, and a loving family makes it all right.
    And our thanks to you and the Corps for keeping the Wolves away from the door.
    Semper Fi

  6. Glad to have you back! As my son would say “I can take my M-16 on a plane but not a pair of nail clippers”.
    I think the airport rules need to revisted again. No wonder mom said to wear clean underwear, you never know what is going to happen!

  7. Welcome to DC Capt. B!! Hopefully, from here on out, you’ll only have traffic to deal with!! Man, I gotta get me a job at the airport!! πŸ™‚

  8. Welcome Back!
    You have been sorely missed! I can’t even picture you allowing a strip search, much less the person who instigated it-lol!
    You do manage to always have quite the story to tell!!!(hmmm will that one make it into the book?!)

  9. YAY! Welcome back Capt. B, you were sorely missed!! Hope the kiddies are okay, and as for the strip search….well I’ll just say a) they should know better and b) WOOT! πŸ™‚

  10. Capt B,
    Was the security person at the airport male or female? If she were a female she just probably wanted to get a little squeeze. That would be a pretty good job in this case!
    Welcome home!

  11. Glad to see Iraqi Elvis is back in the building!!
    You must have been packn’ “…a hunk a hunk of burn’ luv…” that the TSA employee couldn’t resist checkn’ out…

  12. Now that you are back, I am wondering if you and your family ever head out to the suburbs, like Rockville, MD.I am a huge supporter of the Marine corps…my nephew just finished his 4 years, and I have been doing care packages for nearly four years….see attached letter:Dear Ms. Warren, I recently learned of the magnificent support you have been providing to our deployed Marines over the past few years and wanted to pesonally thank you for your selfless contributions. Your compassionate generosity means so much to our service men and women. The care packages you send to those forward deployed and your local visits with the wounded Marines and their families are most appreciated. Your patriotism and unwavering support inspired them, improves their morale, and boosts their fighting spirit. On behalf of all Marines, I am deeply grateful for all you have done. Sincerely, M. W. HageeGeneral, U.S. Marine CorpsCommandant of the Marine CorpsIt would be an honor to meet you. PLease email me if you have the time. I love your webpage and your blogs. I am acquainted with Marty Horn…we almost met a couple of years ago when I was out in La Plate at the American Legion Hall where I was honored with the Americanism Award for my efforts in supporting our military.Hope to hear from you.Phone is 301-770-0860 (work)Semper Fi,Susan Warren

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