It’s been a crazy few weeks. Moving, traveling and the like. Ive been to the southern border (El Paso, Texas) region and you can expect a border post in the future since Ive seen it fist hand. With the fourth of July approaching, pleas take a moment while you are cooking out and having fun and remember that we are celebrating our independence. Something that must be taken lightly. Like us, Iraq is facing its independence as well and will have a long road ahead as we did. I went by the Arizona Republic newspaper but all were gone for the holiday (big surprise). I guess its probably better my friend the cartoon artist wasn’t there anyway. Currently in the Arizona area enjoying the heat and rain. Happy 4th of July to all of you!

Semper Fi, Capt B


  1. We know it’s not a cliche’..”Freedom isn’t Free”.
    Thanks for the update Capt! And a very happy Independence Day to you and your family. watch out for the sparklers!

  2. Thanks to people like you, we can all go about our business and celebrate the Independence Day holiday tomorrow in the way that we choose.

  3. Have a great and safe 4th, Our Republic’s Birthday.
    Enjoy and reflect, Feel pride in your Country and in yourself.
    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  4. Happy 4th everyone! About time Captain, I was getting bored.(cough)
    I hope your move went as smooth as moves can go and that you and yours will spend a safe 4th together. Good to have you back!

  5. Happy Independence Day Capt B, and all who support our warriors! A special thanks to those who stand today in Harm’s Way and keep us free. There is a note from the Marines held at CAMPEN (tip Blackfive) at – click on news. Semper Fi,

  6. There is a large American flag hanging from a balcony at our house today. We always fly the flag on the 4th but this is the first time we’ve flown this one. It was sent to me by an Army Captain. His troops were sent 300 dozen cookie tins and a thousand letters of thanks from my children’s grade school last year for Thanksgiving. Our new flag was flown while his guys were on patrol in Iraq. It has truely created another dimension of love, emotion and attachment to the stars and stripes— and to Americans in uniform. We’ll be raising our glasses to you and all the American Service Men and Women tonight. You do make our freedom possible. With deepest respect.
    The Lamm Family

  7. Happy Birthday to the US and happy Independence Day Capt B! And to all who read.
    My thoughts and prayers were with those in our Military continuing to insure the freedom and safety of the United States of America, and their families.
    LOL you KNOW the folks at the AZ Republic were hiding, don’t you? 🙂

  8. Unlike the rest, I couldn’t squeeze any computer time in on the holiday. I hope you and your family had a wonderful 4th of July. I too hung my oversized 48 star flag yesterday. It makes my heart swell everytime I hang it. It brings back memories of my grandfather who instilled a sense of patriotism in me from a young age. I always thought it was appropriate that he left this world at age 76 on Independence Day. That was twenty-five years ago and I still miss watching him listen to his John Philip Sousa albums. I will never forget what this day is all about.

  9. Happy Independence Day (better late than never) to you and yours!
    Ours was memorable, as my daughter’s Marine proposed to her during the fireworks grand finale last night. 😉

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