I have been in the process of moving (watch out) Its amazing how hard it is to get movers to get your things from one place to another without crushing them. 

While the 4th of July holiday is approaching I’ve found many people have no idea what the holiday represents! So while you enjoy your cigar see if you can answer the below questions, sadly, many cannot. This is another reason if I ever got out of the military, the school system could stand the hell by!!

1) What does the 4th of July holiday celebrate?

2) Who did America succeed from and get their independence from?

3) What is the significance of the “Liberty Bell”?

It’s a sad time when our kids and adults don’t know our own history.


  1. 1) FOURTH OF JULY [Fourth of July] Independence Day, or July Fourth, U.S. holiday, commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence . Celebration of it began during the American Revolution. It has been the most important patriotic holiday ever since.
    2) AMERICAN REVOLUTION [American Revolution] 1775-83, struggle by which the Thirteen Colonies on the Atlantic seaboard of North America won independence from Great Britain and became the United States. It is also called the American War of Independence.
    3) LIBERTY BELL [Liberty Bell] historic relic in Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia. First hung in Independence Hall in 1753, it bore the inscription, “Proclaim Liberty throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants Thereof” (Lev. 25.10); thus it was fitting that the bell was rung in July, 1776, to proclaim the Declaration of Independence. Taken to Allentown and hidden (1777-78) during the British occupation of Philadelphia, it was later brought back. In 1781 it was moved from the steeple to the hall’s brick tower. It was cracked in 1835 tolling the death of John Marshall and again in 1846. In 1976 the bell was moved to a new pavilion behind Independence Hall.

  2. The school system is not the main problem, it is the parents who have stood by without saying a word while the school boards have made a mockery of education. I don’t have any kids in school or else I’d be up in arms. I know parents who are unhappy about things the school board does. When I suggest that they go to a meeting and voice their opinions in public and hold the school board accountable, they always have an excuse or reason not to do so.

  3. Moving…fun. Right up there with having your teeth pulled out. Good luck with that.
    Agree with you on the school and history thing. I believe we would all have a different perspective about Iraq, if students truly learned the history of starting our country. It was a mess! But, with a few amazing people, we held together, despite huge differences. It can be done.
    God bless America!
    Semper gratus,

  4. It bothers me as well that many of our future leaders don’t know basic history. And, the real thing that gets me is that Physical Education is not even required in some school systems.

  5. “It bothers me as well that many of our future leaders don’t know basic history. ”
    I think anyone who plans to stand for President should be made to pass a stiff written exam in history.
    I wonder how much of the history of Iraq most people know?

  6. Having worked for a moving company many years ago…good luck! I always enjoyed talking to the Military folks moving.
    Capt B, don’t you know? The schools can’t teach real subjects like history, they are too busy teaching kids to pass those tests that get the school high ratings and funding. Or other fun subjects on “why Johnny has two mommies” and “let’s all get along” blah blah blah. It’s a disgrace. I know teachers who feel the same.

  7. Moving definitely sucks! Hang in there! As a Mom of 4 children, my kids are well aware of every Federal Holiday and what it represents. I no longer rely on the school system to teach my children about such holidays since they won’t even let them use the word “Christmas” anymore and are disputing the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. We, as parents, need to educate our children. It’s called..personal responsibility!
    My son made a phone call to the person who was arrested and convicted of assaulting me last fall. He did this when she tried to do it again in the court room recently. He’s only 11 years old. Want to know what happened? He was so afraid of the cops he told them I had instructed him to do it and I got arrested! I just had my court date and took full responsibility (no, my son no longer has his cell phone). I was sentenced to double what the defendant was sentenced to for battery. I am fully responsible for my children… in every way. If you want to read the whole thing, you’d need to go to my blog and read about it under “Pleading Guilty”.
    Every parent needs to teach their children about patriotism and the values under which America was founded upon, because nobody else will.

  8. State departments of education control what teachers teach. School districts and teachers have little, if any, control over it so please don’t always blame us. In Virginia, elementary students get no US history except for what’s covered in Virginia history, but yet they’re required to learn all about ancient civilizations. Afterall, understanding the culture of ancient Mali is so much more important than understanding our own history and culture. Fortunately, there is a unit on the American Revolution in my ESL curriculum, and I teach it thoroughly. You can be guaranteed that everyone of my students could answer these questions correctly!

  9. Dear Captain B
    I completely agree with you that our children (and many adults) know very little about our nation’s history. Sadly, it seems that much of the public school curricilum focuses on multiculturalism and alternative lifestyles, rather that nuts and bolts subjects like history. If people knew more history, they would have a better perspective on current events. For instance, I don’t think many people realize how unpopular Lincoln was during the first few years of the Civil War. Today’s press would never let him get away with some of the things he did to prosecute the war, like doing away with the writ of habeas corpus, which caused many people (American citizens)to stay in jail throughout the war when they had never been charged with a crime. The current situation at Gitmo is very minor compared to what Lincoln did.
    Many thanks for everything you do- you are an american hero.
    P.S. One more historical fact- both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, who were both so instrumental in helping us achieve independence from Great Britain, died on July 4, 1826-50 years to the day we declared our independence. I have always felt that something like that could not be a coincidence and demonstrates the special quality of America.

  10. K,
    I might be wrong, but I don’t think anyone here really thinks that the curriculum is the teachers fault. There are many problems with our educational system, but the problem is also at home. Most parents won’t even sit down for 15 minutes an evening and review what their children are doing at school.
    Others here are quite correct though about teaching kids how to pass a test instead of teaching them what they need to know to pass the test.
    I believe that patriotism starts at home. Mom and dad must respect the flag, know our heritage and talk about it so children know it’s important when they get to school and hear about it.
    We can’t say the pledge of allegiance anymore because one person in California was offended by the word “God.” What about the rest of us who are offended that our children can’t learn to honor and respect our nation through a simple, but meaningful, pledge to our flag and country?
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I tear up when I hear the national anthem, and at the raising/lowering of the flag. There’s a town close to where I live called Trophy Club (golfing community) and the flag at the turn-off to their main drag is so huge, dominates the scenery, and flies so beautifully that I tear up when ever I see it. My nutty sister-in-law always chides me for it…she drives me nuts!

  11. It doesn’t help that history is taught in some Politically Correct fashion, where you study all about the poor down trodden indigenous people and how recycling has evolved, instead of good old History with facts and names and dates. In addition, get the kids reading things like the Constitutional Journal, so they get a flavor for the times and form an interest in learning on their own. If they learn to read, and enjoy it, then they won’t be so easily taken in by the PC-crap.

  12. It is embarrassing that some Americans know little or nothing about our history. Personally, I didn’t become interested in it until High School. I was blessed with an awesome History teacher by the name of Mr. Degraff. He was and is the best teacher I ever had. He made learning fun. He was hard and he made you read a crap load of chapters but we knew he cared about us. He was passionate about current events and American history. And I didn’t realize I’d learned so much until I’d read your questions Capt B. Thanks for the challenge. Although, it wasn’t a challenge thanks to Mr Degraff.
    So maybe it’s not the school systems as a whole. Maybe it’s not the parents fault. Maybe it’s the culture we live in that’s obessed with what Nicole Kidman wore on her wedding day or whether or not Brad Pitt wore Armani for a photo shoot in Africa. Did you know that more people voted for this years American Idol than they did for the last Presidential Election? It’s sad but true…

  13. Parents do need to be involved with their children’s education. This is where the parents can fill the void what a teacher does not get to teach. Raising children is a huge responsibility and it takes committment & dedication.
    About moving–I am doing that also after being in the same house for 26 years. When we moved in we could get everything in a pickup truck–not the case now.

  14. Moving stinks!! You could always be like Hubby…he’s not allowed to touch anything in boxes while moving;) It works out better for both of us.

  15. I am posting this anonymously because I am embarassed.
    I do know the answer to question one and two. I have no idea the answer to number 3. though, i promise to know the answer in less than five minutes from now.
    Thanks Capt B.

  16. Wonder if anyone has to memorize “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” anymore? or the Gettysburg Address..or the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence…I know I did…now local schools have added a segment on Mexican Heritage to middle school instead of civics….scary!
    Happy Move Capt…they are never fun!

  17. Good luck with the move, Sir.
    I think my son was very blessed. He spent summers RVing with my parents, both teachers. I have pictures of him at the Liberty Bell LOL.
    I’m really looking forward to the fact that he’s stationed on the east coast. Tourist time for mom every time I visit!

  18. I didn’t know there was gonna be a quiz!
    These are the answers a modern day person raised on TV would give:
    1) What does the 4th of July holiday celebrate?
    A: Barbecues and Boating. And long trips on the road with your family.
    2) Who did America succeed from and get their independence from?
    A: White slaveholders who were rich and did nothing for the working class. And who lived in the South. They grew tobacco.
    3) What is the significance of the “Liberty Bell”?
    A: It was the Space Capsule Gus Grissom sank in the Bermuda Triangle. Built by Halliburton.

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  20. Best of luck with your move!
    I can never get over the people on Leno’s Jay-Walking who are in college and don’t know basic stuff–and some say they’re going to be teachers! Heaven help us!

  21. I can tell ya what that Capt. Brown Hugh stuff is…full of s..t!
    This is similar to many internet scams going on…too bad it’s so hokey…and plays on military morality!
    Stinks to high heaven!

  22. Being a current graduate elementary education student in Texas, I can say that if you want to know what the required curriculum is, visit your state’s department of education website and look for it. In Texas, it’s the Texas Education Agency, and the curriculum is called the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS). Sometimes a local district may have additional curriculum to be covered. Being almost finished with my coursework, I can tell you that some of the TEKS are fairly broad. For example, in the second grade social studies TEKS is an item about teaching student about persons who made important contributions to the nation. An individual teacher would have a wide latitude in what persons to present to students. The views of the teacher are going to influence the selection, and how it is presented. I am hoping that when I finish, I will be able to get a position in the Killeen school district. There are seven elementary school in that district on Fort Hood. I would love nothing more than to teach the children of our servicemembers, in an environment that will appreciate teaching a respect for the uniform and what wearing that uniform entails.

  23. Smiled at your comment about moving, having grown up relocating every six months to a year (father always forward, mother the logistics expert overseeing six of us); we all had “tasks” and could call the moving company (knowing what and how and went to say it) well before 10 years of age (grin). Having been schooled a while ago, I’ve kinda viewed some of the comments a grain of salt. Don’t remember classes being better, but do remember the influence and ethics of individual teachers as well as discussions at home. Having long been widowed (i.e. busy single parenting), having dealt with school officials (without much impact), having had some discussions in my own home, taxing the kids, etc., I know participation is key (if the adults don’t care, why would the kids?). Even having lived in Philadelphia (years ago) knew many who didn’t know how much of the nation’s history resounded there (not Washington DC) and certainly have heard many ignorant even chide the National Anthem as a ‘war song’ (wan smile) instead of a heartfelt glory of survival. Good to speak to our kids, each other, and read your reminders Capt-B. Like comprehending that a bell is made of brittle metal and struck with care (so it resounds); it’s important to remind and qualify the ‘whys’, ‘hows’, and ‘what did happen’ lest we repeat the worst by forgetting the lessons. Bless you always B-Marine. I am grateful for my life in land of the free, and know it is so (because it is) the home of the brave; your home Capt.

  24. I knew all the answers. I live in Pennslyvania and Independance Day started here, so I better know the answers.
    A matter of fact, interstate 79 had a sign that said “America Starts Here.” It was placed at the Pennslyvania and West Virginia borders.
    My hubby said they took the sign down because West Va. was insulted by it. lol
    Happy Independance Day, Capt. B
    Have fun moving.

  25. When my children were young we helped run the local 4th festivities. This involved filling 200 balloons with helium the night before. I always took that opportunity to throw “1776” in the VCR. All the neighborhood kids would come by and make fun of me singing along while we filled balloons. But they all picked up a little something. I recall one 14 year calling me months later to saying he got extra credit on a history exam for naming the Declaration Committee. He told me after thinking for a second he could hear the song in his head and wrote down Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston. My sons, having the misfortune of living with a huge history geek, were pounded with this stuff since birth.

  26. Good luck with the move, Capt. B! We’re with you in spirit.
    If any youngster in this country cannot accurately answer these questions by the eighth grade, I say – fire their teachers and hold the students back. I support the implementation of another test during 12th grade.
    Too many kids graduating high school can’t read much less know the definition of secede or its historical context.

  27. You and your family have my sympathy on the move, Capt B! Moving is the pits!
    Since I’m a history nut, my kids and now my grandkids are all interested in it, so we could answer your questions. I’m sorry for those who haven’t learned this.
    Happy 4th of July, Sir!

  28. Anonymously David and a few others who won’t admit it, don’t be embarrassed by not knowing #3. I didn’t either. Just be happy you know #3 now. I took 2 college semesters of American History and am learning things on Samantha West’s blog that they never taught there. Have a great 4th everybody!

  29. Hey everybody – while you’re waiting for Cap’t B to get back in town (hard to believe he has a life other than this blog, isn’t it…), check out the nice tribute to Marines at Michael Fay’s 6/29 blog http://mdfay.blogspot.com Michael is one of two official Marine combat artists.
    Enjoy ALL our freedoms this 4th and hug a vet !!!

  30. Yeah, I realize I’m a little late on the 4th of July questions, but to me, a more important question than “What is the significance of the Liberty Bell?” would be “On what occasion was it ringing when it cracked?” The answer is that it was ringing to honor the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall. He was the Chief Justice for the case of “Marbury vs Madison”, a case in which the Supreme Court declared an act of Congress, the Judiciary Act of 1789, unconstitutional. Further, he did so in such a well-crafted way that it preserved the balance between all the branches of government. This was checks & balances in its true form.
    That’s America, people.

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