Where are the leftest whiners now? Where are the Murtha’s, Sheehans and  Kerry human right protectors now? Now that two soldiers have been captured, tortured and killed, why aren’t the above raising holy lightening now about them and the loss of their human rights?

The first time we take out an additional scumbag we get senators on the front page of papers complaining that our service members are killers and then cartoonist make accusations about things they have now idea about.

But one of our own gets captured or killed without any consideration of the Geneva Convention by the enemy and the lefthanging bedwetters don’t say a word. God help us when a German shepherd barks at a scumbag being held at Gitmo.

Its amazing what some will do for votes………who’s side are these people on?


  1. I learned a long time ago that they’re not on our side,G. How in the hell do these people stay in office???? Are there that many idiots out there re-electing them??? Glad I don’t live in those states, I’d have to move. 🙂
    It makes me sick to think of what those guys went through, and for people in this country to sit there and say OUR guys are the real killers over there-it just pisses me off to no end and they WILL hear from me about it.

  2. Capt. B,
    I could not have stated it better. Two American soldiers savagely killed and not a word out of them. Barely a mention on one of their websites. It should come as no surprise. They can’t even describe the Islamofascists as terrorists— they’re considered insurgents or resistance. They won’t get it until this crap starts happening here— until the next 911.
    Just curious, has Benson responded to your email? He did to mine, predictably a complete wimp. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Why do they so despise our military? Why do they never come to its defense? Why do they never understand the frightful plight of the soldier who, when fired upon by the enemy, has no recourse but to fire back if he wishes to stay alive? Why does the liberal not understand what he has seen countless times, namely, that the Jihadist enemy positions women and children in his front while shooting at our soldiers?
    It is because the liberal moralizer deep down knows that he does not have the physical courage and might of the soldier. Compared to the soldier, he is a coward and weakling. His strength lies only in bringing law suits and sounding morally superior to the rest of us.
    The liberal moralizer needs to tear down the U.S. soldier as a way of guaranteeing that the soldier is never elevated to a more honored level in American life than is he, the liberal moralizer. Tear down the soldier and you destroy the honor we feel toward that soldier. Find anything to show you are better than the soldier so that you and your smug liberal friends can celebrate your superiority. Liberal media guys cannot abide that America has heroes who are not them.
    Rabbi Aryeh Spero

  4. “Where are the leftest whiners now?”
    Starbucks. Busy not giving a damn that two beautiful young men were savagely murdered. Oh that’s right…they say they do care. Because it’s Bush’s fault!! Assholes. Sorry Gary, I can’t be civil to them on this one.

  5. Murtha’s, Sheehans and Kerry
    I say air drop them into the triangle wearing only a pair of flip-flops….If Taco wants to do the flying,I’ll do the pushing..

  6. You know where they are? They’re hiding under rocks just like the rest of the terrorists, because that’s what I consider them. They’re not on America’s side, and if I had it my way, they would be eliminated.. Marine style!! They’re hiding behing the likes of Kerry and Murtha who are traitors! They want to impeach Bush, well, every single American who speaks out against our mission or our troops should be tried for treason!
    Show them no mercy!!

  7. “Who’s side are they on?”
    Captain, I believe you have hit the nail on the head. They do not believe there ARE sides. Right or Wrong. Since they are the enlightened ones, they are right and all else are dismissed.I have heard this event condemned…followed by a “but”..
    There are no excuses, no but’s!! These terrorists are WRONG, cruel, sick, brutal, disgusting, immoral, reprehensible, an absolute waste of the life God gave them. Period.
    My heart breaks for the families of all the fallen. We owe them so much. God bless all our troops! We would not be America without you.
    Semper gratus,

  8. I agree with Pamela; they’re under rocks–right along with the lizards, snakes and worms (I see a strong family resemblence, don’t you?).
    Can you just imagine how the families of these soldiers must feel when the same people who raised such a fuss over a damn dog barking and scaring a prisoner don’t have a word to say about how their loved ones were treated? It truly makes me ill.

  9. I’ve been preaching the same thing constantly since yesterday. I’m so sad and infuriated by the death and mutilations of those two fine men & I can’t think of a word bad enough for people, especially Americans, who don’t feel the same way. They ought to be screaming from the rooftops how bad this is, but we’re hardly hearing a whimper. I’m so ashamed of the “Citizens of the World”. By not protesting this REAL atrocity, I think they’ve proven whose side they’re on!

  10. There is nothing else that I could say that has not been said in the posts above me. Their main goal is for Bush to fail, nothing else matters. I hope I live long enough to see them get theirs, cause they will!!! I consider them traitors too and they should be punished but I am not going to hold my breath for that!

  11. Some people just can’t bring themselves to believe that there are truly evil people in this world. They think that if we are all nice to each other, we can all still around holding hands, singing “Kumbaya”…..

  12. Benedict Arnold & Rep. Murtha – Decorated war heros.
    Will some Marine, ooorah types please give an old Army guy the most derogatory term the USMC uses for a disgraced (and disgraceful) marine in case I ever make to Johnstown and run into Murtha? (let me guess – the biggest insult to a Marine is probably “soldier” right?)
    Keep on plugging!!!
    Devil Doc Dad

  13. Capt, you said that these leftists are saying these things for votes…I agree. But what’s even scarier than the fact that the politicians are selling out our soldiers for votes, is the fact that there are those people that call themselves Americans that think we should sell out our soldiers and would therefore vote for these spineless politicians.

  14. The spineless cowards that are so concerned about terrorist psychopaths being treated like kings and show no remorse, no outrage that valiant Heroes were tortured and murdered in cold blood, are Americans in name only.
    That’s right, I don’t question the left’s patriotism, because they don’t have it!

  15. The whiners & media need to shut it & stay out of the way. Let the Marines do their job! War is the ugliest part of life we are dealing with & we need to continue to support our troops. If the whiners think they can do a better job–have at it.
    I am enraged that 2 soldiers are kidnapped & savagely murdered. My prayers are with the families of our fallen heroes. My heart is heavy but we must carry on. Thank you Marines for protecting us, we love you!

  16. No ones talking about these 2 American heroes I hope out of respect until they are laid to rest. After that they won’t speak of their torture because they can’t stomach it. Cowards.
    Check out the real Murtha and his political connections here…
    check out wwww.michaelsavage.com to see how he’s putting his money where his mouth is to help our great Marines.

  17. Where is the outrage? Has anyone heard a word of outrage? The media uses every adjective to tell of the deaths of two of our warriors without any respect or concern for the feelings of the families,but we are yet to hear a single utterance of outrage. Unbelivable!
    Unless one has been over there we can’t know how it really is.It’s not like the enemy is wearing a uniform and easily disquinished.
    If our warriors have to hesitate with thoughts of being accused of wrongful killing in their mind,it may cause their lives. Why do we keep fighting ourselves?? If little ‘ole me can see how the Murtha’s are fueling the terrorists why can’t the Murtha’s see it…or is it that they just don’t care…are they all selfish morons who only care about their own ass-pirations…??? Is their vison so blurred that they don’t see the big picture? They need to get their heads out of their ass-pirations and into the light of reality.
    Freedom is not free and I will not take my freedoms for granted because they have been paid for in blood,sweat and tears…and how grateful I am to all those who have paid it.

  18. As someone said, they don’t believe in a right or wrong, especially not a universal right or wrong. They want to accept everyone on ecah person’s own terms, and not apply any standards for anything. While it’s fine to kill babies, its not fine to kill rapists or murderers. While its fine for some raghead to chop off a missionary’s head, if a Marine shoots a civilian with just cause, its not OK, and the Marine is held to a standard different than raghead, simply because the libs sympathize with the raghead. [sarcasm]I mean, we invaded them, right?[/sarcasm]

  19. Skipper, I am gonna do my best to see that a new bunch of scum bags go to Washington DC next year. My rep and senators are all three talking out of both sides of their mouths trying to please every one so they can keep their jobs. I would rather have some one in that I don’t agree with provided they had the good of the country at heart instead of their jobs.

  20. Capt.B-
    As always well said and as for all the comments-right on…..my heart is sickened and I pray for the families of the soldiers…that they would find peace and comfort.
    God Bless and protect ALL who serve!

  21. Why is Murtha already labeling them as killers when the investigation hasn’t even been completed? Let’s take the word of an unverifiable Iraqi in the Sunni Triangle and the P.O.S. Time Magazine reporter. Good thing world war II wasn’t fought today or we would all be speaking German. Check out this website please. This Marine also needs our support: http://www.innocentmarine.com

  22. Since when did it become unpatriotic to think that the United States should hold itself to a higher standard than jihadists? As for Kerry and Murtha, they fought in a war. Sheehan lost a son to a war. How many of the commenters here who judge them can say the same?
    Good luck, Capt. B. May you return safely home.

  23. They fought in a war, then sold out the very people they used to identify with.
    Kerry was hanging out with Hanoi Jane…nuff’ said.

  24. Hey “unpatriotic” anonymous, nobody here is advocating that we should adopt the terrorists’ method of warfare. Everybody here, regardless of personal experience, can identify treasonous behavior when they see it. Most of the commenters see no reason to give credence to the bed-wetting anti-American surrender-monkeys that the MSM so dearly love.
    Prior service and personal loss do not immunize people from being called unpatriotic when thier actions clearly warrant the label.

  25. To say that it is a tragedy when a number of unarmed civilians were killed in Iraq does not make someone anti-American. It is merely grieving that the high standards and noble honor of our beloved armed forces may have been compromised by the conditions of war, and that the impact of such an event hurts our cause in a campaign when we must ultimately win the trust of the Iraqi people.
    Of course we are outraged when American soldiers and innocent others such as Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl are barbarically tortured and then brutally murdered. And it was on the front pages of every newspaper. But we don’t expect much better from the jihadists who killed them. This isn’t about them. This is about us, and what we stand for.
    Believe it or not, those who disagree with you love America every bit as much as you do. The flag and all it stands for belongs every bit as much to us as it does to you. I know you love America deeply and would never question that. I hope you would do the same for me.

  26. “But we don’t expect much better from the jihadists who killed them. This isn’t about them. This is about us, and what we stand for.”
    It is all about the terrorists! Stop gazing into your navel and grow some nads. You can try to change the argument all you want, but you can’t change reality – terrorism must be eradicated and the U.S. Military is getting the job done in an honorable, civilized, humane fashion.
    Stop listening to the constant whiners who want to equate a miniscule number of ‘bad apples’ with all the Muj murderers. It’s not fair or honorable to malign everyone in uniform just because you can’t pull your own head out of the sand. Stop being so self-centered.
    I will NEVER have any respect for your opinion as long as you hide behind anonymity while spewing. I call you UNPATRIOTIC!

  27. Diana West of the Wash Times writes today of what happens when a civilized society is at war with a barbarous enemy. Civilized tactics and rules will undoubtedly fail when up against barbarous ones. It depends on how badly you want to stay alive.
    Is your moral vanity more important than protecting your own people from a horrific end? This is how we’re fighting now, by doing house to house searches rather than bombing from the air. We are placing our soldiers in unnecessary danger so YOU can feel noble. In my book, it’s too high a price to pay.
    Make no mistake — the idea that we have to somehow be “above” the jihadists’ standards is as much vanity as someone who can’t stop looking in the mirror. In no way is it the moral high ground that people try to peddle it as being.
    That’s not to say we should start beheading, gouging out eyes and cutting organs out, as today’s enemies do. If there had been an extensive bombing campaign as Clinton ran in Serbia, our casualties probably would be lower. Yes, Clinton’s bombing of civilian areas in Serbia killed thousands of innocents on the enemy’s side, but if it’s us or them, I pick us.
    Your pretty morality will be of no use if we’re all dead.

  28. Hi Jordan,
    Thanks for your reply. I think the argument is not necessarily about whether to trade American casualties for Iraqi civilian casualties. War is terrible, and regrettably, collateral damage will occur. As long as we have to be at war, then I’m all for saving American lives as much as possible.
    The question is how to deal with incidents like the one that allegedly happened in Haditha. Suppose for hypothetical purposes that the allegations about Haditha are true, and that it wasn’t necessary to kill those civilians. What should our reaction be?
    I argue that a great nation such as ours should see it as a tragedy. We are a beacon of liberty, freedom, and humanity. Our armed forces have conducted themselves with overwhelming honor since the beginning of the republic. The Rape of Nanking, the ethnic cleansing of Bosnia, the gassing of Iraqi Kurds– these are the work of others. Our armies took down the most evil empire of the 20th or any century, and did so with honor. When we fall short of our high standards, we should address it. Doing so does not in any way impugn the honor of the vast majority of American soldiers; it merely reaffirms our commitment to our ideals.
    Of course the jihadists are evil and morally despicable. They plant bombs in civilian areas, torture and kill people for any or no reason, and take monstrous pleasure in all of it. Nothing we could dream of could be comparable. But we’re America. We expect more of ourselves.

  29. Benedict Arnold was highly decorated before he betrayed his country.
    What do you think he is remembered for?
    The same thing Kerry and Murtha will be remembered for.

  30. I saw a real American hero today. His name is Menchaka. He came to work an hour early like he has always done. He did his usual routine. Get things ready for work. Make sure he had everything to go to work. He always takes care of employees by making sure they have coffee ready. He always is ready for work and seldom complains. He stopped for a moment to wipe his eyes when he thought no one was looking. I saw this. This hero is deserving of our respect for what his nephew died for. Let the family grieve and do not condemn them for lashing out at the horrific way in which their son died.

  31. First off “anonymous”. You have no idea who among us has or hasn’t served. My guess is a lot of Capt B’s readers and commentators have a very personal connection to the armed services. I know I do. But what difference would it make even if there was no connection? Let me guess, Clinton’s lack of military service wasn’t a problem for you, was it? The reason so many of us react so strongly to the Murthas, Kerrys and Sheehans of this country is we vividly remember how horribly our service members were treated during and after the Vietnam War. I remember in college in the early 80s how offended I was when Marines were referred to as “baby killers”. That was more than a decade after the war! Other than you, no one here has suggested that our service members be held to a higher standard than the terrorists. I assume BECAUSE they’re Marines they behave that way. I also assume that they are innocent UNTIL proven guilty. And if they are guilty, they will be punished. The left of this country screams bloody murder about any and all transgressions involving our military. They are either stunningly silent or insufficiently outraged when our guys are murdered. Capt B raised the question at the end of his post. I know which side I’m on. Do you, anonymous?

  32. “Sheehan lost a son to a war. How many of the commenters here who judge them can say the same?”
    I think I can say the same. My son, a field medic, supposedly protected by the Geneva Convention, was killed by an IED device in Iraq. He treated not only marines, but civilians, and whoever else needed his assistance. And I am outraged by the media’s handling of this incident, and every unverified report of misconduct by our troops serving in this God-forsaken country. The only reason we even heard about this horrible attrocity committed to these brave young men, was probably because of the gruesome details. And releasing the names of these young men, under the guise of ‘it is believed to be the remains’, is totally without regard for their families. Osama bin Laden said that the insurgent activity will continue in Iraq. Read the New York Times. And here we thought it was all about weapons of mass destruction. Looks like Osama has a vested interest in the outcome of this war. And that is what this is. A war. Its about time we treated it as such. If another 9/11 occured in this country, all the critics of this war would definately get a major wake-up call.

  33. As A Greeen Beret officer, who fought in Vietnam, said on Grey Eagle’s blog, now we know why the arabs grabbed those 2 soldiers from the 101st. 5 soldiers from the 101st planned and raped a 14 year old arab girl and then murdered her and her family. But that is the culture of these people,they cut off people’s hands, stone women to death, and cut people’s heads off. I’m sure the Bush/Cheney people knew that before they sent our military into Iraq, don’t you think so? Maybe Murtha and Kerry did understand the culture of these people better.As for the marines who broke into those houses and killed those families, that’s hard to understand.Marines are getting killed there almost every day. A lot of those guys have been sent back over there for a second time, and some of them for a third time. They’ve seen a lot of their friends killed. Maybe they think they’ll be sent back again and again, until they too are killed, the way our leaders talk, there’ll be no end to it. I feel sorry for the families of these two young men, and for the families of all the young men and women who have died and been wounded over there. Capt. B, I’m glad you got out of there and you’re home enjoying the good life. I spent 3 years overseas, and it was good to get back home, get my honorable(luckily) discharge, and be free to do what ever I wanted.

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