I Just wanted to give you an update on the donations thus far. Currently we have hit the $2,000 mark and going strong. I can’t begin to thank all of you enough for all of your donations. FYI-a single page ad in the NYT during a weekday is 97,000, (Im sooo in the wrong line of work) How many deployments is that for me? Any way the NYT might be a stretch. I’m getting to like the idea of taking the ad out in the

Arizona Republic newspaper. Let’s see if he gives me an interview……….ha!

Keep attacking and if you haven’t told someone about this mission to donate………….YOURE WRONG!!

Semper Fi

Capt B


Are you tired of hearing the media badger the military? Do you want to send a message to all of the service members fighting the war on terrorism?  We are planning to purchase a full page ad in a major paper to support our troops before July 4th. I’m open for slogans so if you’re tired of blow hearts bad mouthing your Marines, people accusing before being tried, then do something about it. Otherwise you have no room to talk. If you support this idea, let me know in the comments. Give your recommendations for a slogan, newspaper to submit it in and just how you feel. If we get enough support, I’ll make it happen.

Click on the “donate button” for cigars on the right. If you want to donate for the Support our troops” Ad simply put the word "Ad" or "Paper Ad" following your name when you make your donation.

Capt B OUT


  1. Thanks for the update Capt B! Looks like we need to keep hitting that send key!! I did send it off to a couple of radio stations here,hoping they would pick it up, I’ll try again…..a big donation could be just a mouse click away…

  2. I can’t stand the thought of you giving that AZ-Rag any $$. Maybe cajole and threaten further bad PR if they don’t cough up the space for free? Y’know, “fairness-doctrine” and all that liberal tripe… might work.

  3. G, how expensive was USA Today? I agree with GunnNutt-I wouldn’t give that bad excuse for fish wrap a red cent! Besides, they’d probably misspell something or mess it up. Have you thought of spreading the love,so to speak, and maybe putting it in several papers that the ad cost might not be as high for? I’m still for putting it in a large circulation newspaper,but man it’d be great to see that in the Huntsville Times. 🙂

  4. I support the idea of not giving one cent to the rag in AZ … I mean I cancelled my own subscription long ago.
    BTW check your yesterdays email;)

  5. I’d think that the WaPo would be the appropriate venue. I’m sure their ad rates are confiscatory too, though.

  6. How about running it in Stars and Stripes? Doubt many real Americans read the Arizona rag…or pay for it anyway. Both you and I have friends in the ‘Stripes and at least that paper gets to (at least some) troops.

  7. Sir,
    Yes. I want to donate to the Ad campaign. Where can I send you a check? Who should I write it out to? I would recommend a slogan that centers around the fact that freedom isn’t free.
    The USMC rules.
    Pete Beston

  8. Captain B,
    I donated what I could afford to your campaign.. wish it could be more… (My husband’s name is Dana) However, I didn’t get it completely right, in that I left the part “after my name” blank, so it looks like I am donating cigars. While that’s perfectly okay, you have our permission to use it for the ad, instead, if you would like to.
    Thanks for doing this.

  9. I am sick of the media bashing our service members. I will be donating to the ad.
    I have been writing with a Marine I found on the anysoldier website and I wanted to tell you about him. He is only 20, and is a corrispondant. He writes me everyday and I am amazed at how together he is under the pressure. If I ever needed help I would want him with me. I can’t wait to meet him when he comes home. Thank God for our soldiers!

  10. I am not sure the NY Times has many readers left (from what I hear), but I would like to donate. where do I send my money. kippie

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