1. I am the father of a 3/1 Haditha Marine. They served honorably under horrible conditions as did you. Ramadi and Haditha were hell holes during the time you both served. There are no words for the rage I feel as insurgents like Murtha and reporters hurt our mission to fight radical Islam. I have supported Marines with packages, letters, and phone cards. During the time my grunt was over there I was lucky to get a letter or phone call every couple of weeks. I thank you for posting from Ramadi as you kept me informed about Anbar area. Fuck left leaning reporters who are getting Marines killed.

  2. Happy Fathers Day to you, Captain, and all you Dads out there!
    I concur with you wholeheartedly, Sir!
    I salute you and your brave son, and all the Marines that are being attacked by the MSM, politicians, and the leftist cowards.
    Those weasels will get theirs.
    Real Americans support you!
    Semper Fi!

  3. Happy Fathers day to you Capt B and to all the other’s who are currently serving or watching as our kids to.
    Like the Skipper says, “One Team One Fight”
    Thank God for all the rest of you.

  4. Capt B,
    I just wanted to wish you a Happy Father’s Day. I know that you are thankful to be home with your precious children. I know they are happy that you are home. It’s evident they love you so much from that precious picture of your homecoming. I am thankful for Marines like you and all of our service men and women that are still serving overseas and wish them well also. Have a great day!!!
    God Bless you!

  5. Happy Father’s Day Capt B! And to all the dads, those deployed and those with sons that are deployed. Godspeed to all.
    texadillo, well said all around, and please extend my thanks to your son. After Murtha’s comments today on Meet the Press…well all I can say is my response is not fit to be published here.

  6. Thanks for comments to me. I thank God for Captain B posting from Ramadi. He was the best source of info about Marines in Anbar. As he said he was there. Reporters have driven unproven stories about Marines into the ground. Until Marines are charged and PROVEN guilty they should be given the presumtion of innosence. We give child molesters more rights than our fighting men and women. May Osama bin Murtha, Pelosi, and others rot in hell. Sorry Captain B for using your space to rant. Pray you had a great Fathers day. I just really torque when 2 soldiers were kidnapped. Has been my worst nightmare for our troops. That should not have happened.

  7. Texasdillo-
    Get Some. Thats what this monster blog is about! Happy Dads day and have no fear, we will get the last word. Semper Fi to you and your! Capt B

  8. Happy Father’s Day Capt B, Texasdillo, Jarhead Dad and all other Marines and their dad’s. You guys are something else!!! Thank you.

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