1. Special story worth hearing. If your keyboard/ software volumn controls do not do the job, try cranking up the volumn on you speaker box. Thanks Capt B.
    Semper Fi,

  2. This is a copy of the email I sent to Steve Benson
    Dear Steve,
    I haven’t read your article but know the general gist of it. Allegations of misdoing by our military.
    Here are some things to think about-
    When was the last time you wrote anything positive about our military and the fantastic job they are doing in Iraq?
    Do you kow how many children have books and pencils because our military members have canvassed their families and friends to donate such?
    Do you know how much has been sent in the way of clothing and medical aide to these people because these military members have asked family and friends to send them stuff for the Iraqi’s instead of extras for the Soldiers and Marines?
    Kids have socks and shoes because of our military, moms and babies have clothes and blankets because of our military.
    I personally know of several Soldiers that requested food stuff for Iraqi’s instead of for the unit because the Iraqi’s had nothing to eat.
    Finally- have you talked with any of the Marines that were there when these allegations occured? When you print these allegations you are aiding and abetting the terroists. Bad press here encourages them and they feel it will ultimately undermine the military and cause it to be brought home.
    If we are brought home before Iraq is stabilized and able to care for its self you best be arming yourself. Those same terrorists will follow our troops back to the USA and take the fight to our neighbourhoods.
    Whethere you agree or not with us being in Iraq we are there and must finish the job. Stand up and be counted- don’t aid and abet the Terrorists- don’t be a Hanoi Jane
    DiAnna Maxwell

  3. An excellent story, Capt B — Proof yet again that you cannot judge the measure of a man by his appearance. Determination and Heart are the true measures.

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