Why have I had enough? Because of crap like this joker keeps putting in the paper. Cover up? Really what facts does he have that there was a cover up? I was there; let’s hear who he has gotten his facts from. Want to give our little buddy a piece of your mind?

Paulette N emails me this: How can you say you support the troops if you tear them down in the media? GREAT POINT!!!! Because the arnt supporting us, one bit!

Here is his email address. Lets fill his email account with what we think………..Post your emails to him in the comments for all to share, I’ve had enough of this crap and this is one of the main reasons behind our “Had Enough” ad! Support your troops!!

Capt B – OUT

Here is the jokers email address:


  1. Capt. B…Since I live in AZ. I know of this jerk and he is notorious here in Phoenix. He is the topic of most conversations. We have called the AZ. Republic on numerous occasions to complain about him. He likes to say “I don’t aim to please, I just aim”. He was raised a Mormon but he hates religion, hates the military, hates everything and is absolutely a vile character and very arrogant. The paper is losing readership and he is part of the reason why. Just despicable!!

  2. I sent this to the paper:
    I have a question for the alleged cartoonist who uses the name Steve Benson. It seems that this individual has decided to hide behind the title of cartoonist while smearing the entire US Marine Corps with a broad brush portrayed with the EG&A smeared in blood. Now, it’s painfully obvious to even the most uneducated across the US, that journalist’s are really nothing more than LAS hacks who’ve managed to find a job in the newsroom of an about to be sold paper, and that the cartoonists are the ones who were voted as having the best bathroom stall art. I am still wondering though, just how it is Benson and his ilk can pretend to slander our Marines and the Corps, before an investigation has even been completed? We all listen to the tired, whining of the press corps types who wrap themselves in the protection of the constitution’s guarantee of freedom of speech. Yet, while practicing this right, they deny the rights of all who are innocent until proven guilty.
    There is a fine line between political editorials/comics and slander. Dare I say that Benson wouldn’t have the stones to even begin to display this type of ‘toon’ or even speak in terms of this visual accusation of guilt, in the presence of a US Marine, much less the parent or the family member of a Marine. It’s these cowards such as Benson who perpetuate the myth that our military is guilty of war crimes, and gleefully gives support to our nation’s enemies, that keep them going. After seeing this, I wouldn’t doubt that Benson is personally funding terrorism. Hmmm, since I need no proof, but only a reason to suspect (the cartoon being my reason) I think I need to start spreading the word. I mean, if he’s not guilty of personally supporting terrorist’s who have no problem hanging journalist’s from trees without their heads, then I say those of us who have Marines in our family, owe it to them to alert those who are not paying attention to the intricacies of the war, just what a traitor to the US this man is. I mean, it’s my constitutional right, free speech and all.
    Do us a favor Benson, go to Iraq. Let us see some cartoons you can pen while actually over there, instead of trying to meet a deadline on the backs of our Marine’s just to get your paycheck cashed. Oh, and don’t expect any military back up while there. I mean, why should a murdering military member protect you while you’re there appeasing the enemy? Oh, yeah…it’s their job. Without question. Here or there. They protect you and your right to spread lies. I can’t believe what a waste of our resources you and millions just like you are, but that’s the way it’s always been. Good news is, the US Marine Corps, of which my son belongs, and the thousands just like him will walk away from this issue with their heads held high. If there are a handful of Marine’s found guilty, then they will be dealt with severely, no doubt at all. You see Benson, unlike scum such as yourself who can seemingly go through life with half of the information on hand, and claiming through a drawing to have a definitive answer; our Marines will not leave a detail out or a rock unturned in proving the guilt or innocence of a handful of warriors in the heat of battle.
    I really can’t encourage you enough to go there. Soon would be best. Take a pencil and a pad of paper and follow around those you accuse of being war criminals. Let’s see how long you last in the real world, before it comes to our shores. If you do survive the trip, then this Marine mom and thousands of others will be patiently waiting for you drawn apology to this countries most elite, and professional fighting force there is

  3. Steve Benson will consider every complaint a compliment…he’s thick that way. The AZ Repugnant does not care what anyone says, they LIKE him. And they wonder why their readership is dropping. Idiots.

  4. The thin coat of “I support the troops, I oppose the War” is wearing off with the Moonbat gaggle. Of course that statement is a lie designed to make them less disgusting to the masses. They use it to protect themselves and it’s part of their overall lie.
    More and more they are unable to contain their big mouths and the “blurt” what they really think.
    Different time … but same ole 60 peacefreaks back to try to take over. I guess they didn’t notice communism went bankrupt and failed. They see the new surge of communism that is trying to take seed in latin america and elsewhere as the new kingdom. The terror thing is a diversion.
    Okay okay I am off my pulpit, and since it’s Saturday, and I am not in a fundamuslimist country. I am gonna get a beer and a cigar.
    Take care all.
    Skipper, keep attacking. You do a good job, no matter what your mom says 🙂

  5. I’ve written to the AZ Republic as well, and have sent the link to everyone I know who TRULY supports our military! Good will always prevail, in the end, and I have no doubt that our Marines will get through this latest attack on their HONOR, COURAGE and COMMITMENT!

  6. I sent him an email as well. I have also sent emails to Senator John Warner on another matter, and to my local congressmen. I have always gotten a response. I agree with this concept that supporting the troops and not supporting the war is a slap in the face to all military personnel willing to serve in Iraq. I say if they are so concerned with the truth, let them go to Iraq and see for themselves. They sicken me.
    Unless we have walked in the shoes of these brave men and women serving in Iraq, we have no idea of what they see and face each and every day. And not supporting their cause, the very things they strive and serve for is an easy way out for those who are perpetual fence-sitters. Either you support our troops, or you don’t. And supporting them means supporting their efforts and also saying Thank You for serving our country.

  7. Just finished sending Mr. Benson an e-mail. I am not the best Letter writer but below is what I sent:
    Mr. Benson,
    Never before have I felt compelled to send an e-mail such as this but your recent “political/editorial comic/cartoon” concerning the United States Marine Corp I feel went to far.
    Those of you in the media seem to have chose to go the route of “guilty until proven innocent”. Were you there Mr. Benson? Do you know something that the rest of us don’t? Maybe you should reserve your judgement on the fine men and women serving in the United States Marine Corp until all of the facts are presented.
    My theory is this. . .you can not judge the actions of any individual until you have walked in their shoes. Do you drive to work every morning in a flak jacket and helmet? Do you drive down roads where at any moment you could hit an IED and be blown to bits? Have you ever seen one of your friends/coworkers blown to bits right in front of your eyes? I would assume your answer to these questions would be “no”.
    So, let me ask a few other questions. Do you enjoy your right to free speech? Do you enjoy your right of freedom of the press? Do you enjoy your rights to worship in which ever manner you choose? I would assume your answer to these questions would be “yes”. Now think about this. . .how did you get those rights? If I’m not mistaken men and women fought and died to provide you and all of us Americans with those rights.
    So instead of slandering the great name of the United States Marine Corp. . .maybe you should be thanking them and all of the wonderful men and women serving our country for protecting our freedoms. Maybe you should thank them for doing a job that you most likely would not have the courage to do.
    I have chosen to support our troops in the mission that has been given them. It might be nice if you were to do the same. So how about your next political/editorial comic/cartoon be one in which you thank the men and women of the armed forces. Let’s see if you are brave enough to do that.
    Maureen Nutt
    Very proud supporter of all of our fine men and women serving our great country!!!

  8. Here’s mine..
    Mr. Benson:
    Do you know something that the rest of us in America and world don’t? To my knowledge, no Marine has been charged with anything as of today, much less tried or convicted – except maybe by your deplorable “cartoon” and the big mouths of others as ignorant of the situation as you.
    It’s understandable that the print media in this country is losing readers and subscriptions by the thousands. You stand in judgement of something about which you know absolutely nothing and show no understanding nor gratitude for the freedoms you enjoy. Legally, we’re all supposed to be innocent until proven guilty by a jury of our peers. Morally, we are commanded not to judge, lest we be judged. You’ve shown your colors and your ignorance of the law, and of right and wrong. You aren’t fit to wipe the boots of our fine servicemen and women who are called to protect your freedom to show that ignorance.
    Katy Sparks

  9. I think it would get the AR’s attention if every person who supports our military who live in their circulation area refused to purchase anything from anyone advertising in their litterbox lining paper. Unfortunately, idiots like theses, who practice their ‘freedom of speech’ at the expense of those who protect that very freedom only react when you hurt their bottom line. I would live to kick this guy in the crotch and hit him over the head with a baseball bat. It is the LEAST he deserves.

  10. Here is what I sent to the little hyena:
    Mr. Benson:
    You must be very proud of yourself, using your newspaper as a means to mock and denigrate Heroes, who are fighting to preserve your liberty.
    You revel in your malignant narcissism and eat up the praise of fools.
    But most Americans see how despicable you and your friends are, and how you lie and distort truth.
    The vile propaganda and sedition you spread reaches new lows, and reflects the dishonor and cowardice of yourself and your terrorist supporting rag.
    I will urge everyone I know to stop supportng the advertisors of your paper of lies, and any like it.
    I look forward to ever-decreasing readership of your garbage, and truly hope you find yourself shunned by all Americans.
    The truth is, that you will never hold a candle to the honorable warriors that you envy.
    You attack our Heroes, and your country, and support all that is evil.
    Someday, you will have to answer to God Himself, flanked by all the men and women who gave their lives so that you could enjoy liberty. Liberty that you abused and used for your own selfish desires.
    That day can’t come soon enough!

  11. This is my response to Benson.
    I am judging you in the same fashion you (through crayons and a scetch pad)judge the United States Marine Corps.
    Never met you but am familar enough with your work. Having worked in the news media, I’m also quite familar with your “type”. Smug, cynical, self-satisfied, intellectual—so convinced of your own superiority. You worship at the alter of post-modernism. Nothing in this world is worth fighting for, much less dying for.
    As the daughter of a Marine Pilot and the wife of a former Naval Flight Surgeon, I’m also quite familiar with the other type. Real men. Men who even in peacetime women are more naturally attracted to. It’s not just about squarer jaws, broader shoulders and a stronger sex drive. It’s about men who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect my children and their future. Yes, Ms. Benson this is quite primitive. But in a world where one’s national survival is at stake, the alpha-sheep dogs have the absolute advantage these days.
    Your scorched “pen” policy is rooted in insecurity and jealousy. You are surrounded by co-workers who for the most part think and vote exactly the way you. And oh yes, the American Constitution and the United States Marine Corps protect your right to spew whatever you want. So, in a free country one doesn’t get any courage credit for pissing off the unintellectual red-staters.
    Weak and fearful men such as yourself can’t do what Marines volunteer to do. Terrified of their mortality, they exercise their only option. Degrade the effort. Discredit that which you are incapable of doing, facts and fairness be damned.
    So how does it feel to be judged as less than a man, Ms. Benson. Perhaps, I’m rushing to judgement and you aren’t quite the eunuch I’ve portrayed. Prove me wrong Ms. Benson. Become the next Michael Yon or Bill Roggio. Bring your crayons and scetch pad to Iraq or Afghanistan. I’m sure Capt. B can make the arrangements when he visits Arizona shortly.

  12. My email to the s.o.b. 🙂
    Mr. Benson,
    It’s a shame you would use your God-given talent (and I use that word generously) to malign the Marine Corps. Not only is it a shame, but an outrage as well! I do not hesitate to venture a (correct)guess that YOU were NOT in Haditha that day, therefore you have no credibility that you can point to in order to defend your appallingly cheap, classless attack.
    You have elected yourself as accuser, judge and jury of the Marines and are attempting to try them in the court of public opinion before the official investigation has even been completed! But many in the public are not as stupid as you hope they are…they and I know that the vast majority of reporters have not ventured outside the Green Zone in MONTHS to get the real story-frankly, because you’d rather make it up, or in this case, depend on hearsay and unverified stories to base your drawings on.
    As the proud daughter,granddaughter, niece and grandniece of Marines, I demand a printed apology for this disgusting attempt to stain the honor of the Marine Corps and all who have served and continue to serve.

  13. Here’s what I sent:
    I saw your political cartoon on the “United States Massacre Cover-Up” on the One Marine’s View blog, just a few minutes ago. I have to say that I’m completely appalled that anyone would have the heart to do this. While I do understand that dissention is at the core of essential freedoms, to publish a libel like this is completely unacceptable. You want to make fun of someone, make fun of the Commander in Chief. He’s pretty good at taking all the crap you people throw at him. Don’t punish our men and women on the ground, who are far more honorable than you or I. This defamation of the USMC should not happen and can not be tolerated. Your bile filled hate does nothing but make the enemy stronger, as they believe that 100% of the people back home don’t support the war or the troops fighting it. In reality, this is quite the opposite. Even if a majority now oppose the war, a large majority say they support the troops, even if their actions speak differently. Your actions, sir, are reprehensible.
    None of these Marines have been convicted in a court of law or military tribunal, but you have sought to influence the court of public opinion. The USMC would be remiss not to convict these Marines, even if they are innocent, for fear that it would look like the cover-up you are suggesting. What evidence of their guilt do you have, first hand? Have you spoken to any of these young Marines? Would you? If you feel as strongly about this as your political cartoon would suggest, I recommend that you stand opposed to one of these Marines. I’m sure the pen would prove to be far less mighty than the sword, but then again, people in your situation don’t need to oppose people in person, so long as you can do it with a pen and paper, and submit your cartoons to sensationalist newspapers. The level of detachment you maintain allows you to say what you want and never face any more rebuke than what I give you here. I hope that other readers of One Marine’s View email you as well and let you know that what you’ve done isn’t just wrong, it is downright mean.

  14. I just want to say thanks to who ever was responsible for today’s ad in AZ Republic. As a former Marine I was appaled when I saw this cartoon. Thanks for standing up to Mr. Benson and letting him know how disgusted we are.

  15. Excellent letters from all, but Beth takes the cake. Your husband is a lucky man. =)
    Sending this idiot emails will only encourage him, and will help him in the long run, notoriety, controversy, whatever.
    What really needs to happen to idiots like this is a lawsuit against the paper for causing undue pain and sufferring for USMC spouses and relatives by mass distributing this slander. That would make them think twice about publishing this idiot’s crappy cartoons.
    Are there any patriotic lawyers left that have time for this?
    “That Others May Live”

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