Murtha was reported saying that our troops can’t take credit for killing Zarqawi.  His view is that the explosion (in the video post before this one) could have been a ground explosion and that we have no basis for taking credit for it.

"We Cannot Win This…It Is A Civil War…Al Qaeda Is A Small Part Of This"…

He continues to unravel any good that the

USservice members have done or continue to do and continues to convince the USpublic that your troops are “over stressed, not functioning, unsuccessful.  Sen. Murtha continues his drum beat that we should pull out immediately.

Attention, attention——this is a breaking No Shit News (NSN) alert!

I bet within a couple days Murtha is going to come out with more troop slander along the same lines as Haditha about how we did things with Zarqawi. The bedwetters were on a great stretch and were fat and happy about the upcoming elections because of how the media had been pushing news regarding Iraqand the Bush administrastion. But ohhhnoo we didn’t actually think those “overstressed” service members would actually eliminate one of the biggest scumbags in the region!!!!

Mark my words………there will be criticize on what we did and they will continue to complain how we peel onions…..or kill them!

Wouldn’t it be nice if the guys we protected supported us, instead of trying to find ways of putting us on trial? But then again, these guys “wouldn’t join the military now” as they say.

Semper Fi

. "More than duty"



  1. Murtha, and those morons who agree with him, are guilty of sedition, IMO.
    They should be shunned by all Americans.
    To quote Scott Ott:
    The democrats fight on, despite the death of Zarqawi, tey continue to fight the war on the war on terror.
    Well done to our Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen!!!
    We are proud of you all, and you are fighting with honor!
    Semper Fi, and God bless.

  2. Capt B, Murtha is nothing more than a Kerry after returning from Vietnam (Wintersolders) and trashing all the guys that were still in Nam and the Vets that returned. And the Winter Soldier tribunal itself — which John Kerry had helped moderate — turned out to be “packed with pretenders and liars.” Just because Murtha was a Marine does not give him a shield from criticism for the garbage he spews and the liberal media just sops up his B.S. The loony left and the MSM would love nothing more that the US to tuck tail and run but they don’t have the clout they had years ago thanks to the internet.

  3. I’ve had about all (or more) of Murtha that I can stand. Have to turn my TV off when he shows up on the screen.
    Must echo Ben – Well done to all our Servicemembers serving with courage and honor!

  4. Murtha has forgotten everything he learned at Parris Island, and has no idea what honor and committment mean anymore. I’m with Miss Birdlegs – I have to change the channel when they display him.
    We know who the good guys are, they are proudly serving now, and we are damn glad to have them out there every day. Semper Gratus!

  5. In a Global War on Terror isn’t it a good thing to kill, um, Terrorists?
    Murtha has dug himself a hole out from which he will never climb. The deeper he gets, the smaller his voice will sound until at last he’ll be inaudible. OK, the MSM won’t let that happen too soon, but I’m going to keep kicking dirt in his hole anyway.
    Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, Capt B! Semper Gratus!

  6. Just when I think Murtha has reached a new low… he reaches ANOTHER new low.
    What an embarrassment. How much you wanna bet he’s 100% behind our chickenshit Army officer, Lt. Watada, who is refusing to go to war based upon his “morals and convictions as a US Army officer, sworn to uphold the laws of the US”. Morons… Both of em.

  7. Murtha is a national embarrassment. As a veteran he will always have his platform with the MSM. Lots of other public figures served bravely and honorably during wartime— why aren’t they given the same amount of play in the media? Oh yeah, because Murtha and Sheehan are teflon— can’t touched em because of their experience. The silver lining if there is one is that more and more Americans could care less what they think. And will turn off the radio and tv when they’re on. Killing al Z is cause for celebration and I don’t feel one ounce of guilt or remorse for my elation that this barberian no longer shares the planet with us. If I smoked Cee-gars, I’d be having one!

  8. Our troops ROCK!Thank you and good job….we are ALL (at least the ones that matter..haha) grateful!
    Semper gratus,

  9. Murtha is no Marine! He’s either on a guilt trip because he really didn’t earn his medals or he’s indebted to someone. No respectable Marine would ever act like he does. So, no respect due him. Great job to America’s real men who brought down Z.

  10. My 22 yr old LCpl knows more and exhibits more Honor, Courage and Commitment than that traitorous gasbag from PA ever will.
    I’d love to see some (hundreds, better yet thousands of) former (real) Marines take out a full page in the NYT or WAPO calling Murtha on the carpet.
    I’m sure there’s a heckuva lot of proud Marine parents who would be honored to chip in to help defray the costs. I sure would be.
    Captain, we are honored by your service to our Country. Welcome home!
    Semper Fi.

  11. My blood has boiled since Murtha first opened his mouth on the (seemingly manufactured) Haditha incident. But now, I want the microphone in front of his face as much as possible. His uncalled-for and continuous insults and condemnation of our armed forces (ESPECIALLY during a time of war), together with his defeatist approach, is uniting Americans behind the GWOT and galvanizing support for our armed forces. If Murtha’s mouth is what shakes middle-of-the-roaders out of complacency, then bring it on.
    The quickest way to end a war is to lose it. Murtha demands that we lose this war, and the country knows it.
    Blather on, Murtha. You choose loss; we choose victory. And we rejoice in the many victories to date! One victory stateside will be voting your sorry ass and those with your same mindset out of office.
    I just hope our (and our allies’) armed forces, through various support organizations and blogs, know that this country is behind them and want to help them accomplish their objectives.
    God bless our troops.

  12. Capt B,
    I really do wish that someone, families of or the service members themselves would run that full page ad, condeming Murtha and others like him. If the other folks that read your blog are like I am, we would all, gladly, help with the expense. I would love to see him discredited, especially by the Marines. He doesn’t deserve to be allowed to call himself a Marine. He is an insult to the uniform and like many of your other posters, I can’t watch him when he appears on any station. He just babbles garbage when he opens his mouth and I wish someone could close his trap!!!

  13. Murtha should have his tongue eliminated….
    ….Those who say it cannot be done,should not interrupt those who are doing it…..

  14. It’s said once a Marine, always a Marine. In Murtha’s case…I have to wonder.
    It’s disgusting to me when the pols posture and open their mouths with such statemets as Murtha, pretending to support our Military. He should be ashamed of himself.

  15. Murtha has sold his soul for the vote and the power and corruption which follows it.
    Murtha should be tried for sedition along with many others,springer,rhodes,franken,kennedy,pelosi,reed…ect,ect.
    U.S Service men and women GREAT job
    Semper Fi

  16. HOORAH to our Marines for their faithful and persistent service in harm’s way, and to the Air Force F-16 pilots and crews, our Special Forces who called the strike well and who got to see that Zarqawi knew who got him, our Navy who gets us there and all who serve and provide for our freedom. Murtha both saddens me and angers me alternately – pathetic end he has chosen for himself. Great work real warriors – we got a real scumbag who is now wondering why his reward is so HOT! He has met the Judge.
    Semper Fi,

  17. Maybe an investigation into just what was in those cigars murtha was smoking in VietNam is in order…
    We need to ‘just say no’ to murtha. He does not deserve all this attention.

  18. Murtha joins LH Oswald as an EX Marine. He’s not fit to wash out scuz rags.
    God Bless and keep you and yours.
    Proud Marine Dad

  19. Every Marine understands our creed, we leave no Marine behind. John Murtha has abandoned every Marine, past, future and present by his conduct. He has denied that we can win this conflict. He is wrong. He has damned those Marines who were at Haditha as being guilty of murder. He obviously doesn’t care that the United States Constitution guarantees those Marines certain rights, among which is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law. And now he denies our military the credit they have so richly earned in killing this monster.
    Murtha has now announced that he wants to be the Chief Surrender Monkey (Democratic House Leader) if the Democrats win the election in November.
    That ought to be sufficient reason for millions of Americans to rush to the polls to vore Republican.
    John Murtha long ago abandoned his honor. He is one of shamed, the few, the EX-Marines.
    Marine6 – OUT

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