HAQLANIYAH, Iraq   –  Marines operating in this insurgent-heavy

EuphratesValley city have developed a knack for locating improvised explosive devices – seemingly the number one weapon of choice of insurgents in Al Anbar Province.

According to Cpl. Robert Gaye, a squad leader assigned to the Hawaii-based 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, the Marines are also getting a little help from the local populace in finding IEDs before they are able to do harm to innocent civilians or Coalition Forces.Everyday Marines and Iraqi soldiers conduct counter insurgency/security patrols in the volatile streets of Haqlaniyah, a city of 30,000 nestled along the Euphrates River Northwest of Baghdad ever watchful for signs that an IED has been placed by an insurgent. 

During these patrols, in temperatures surpassing 110 degrees, Gaye says the Marines and Iraqi soldiers are sending out a strong message – insurgency and hostile acts towards Coalition Forces will not be tolerated. 

Gaye said he thinks the local populace is beginning to get the message.  Recently, Marines from the Hawaii-based Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment discovered the location of an improvised explosive device placed by insurgents on a highly-traveled roadway May 30, 2006. 


  1. All of you guys are doing one hell of a job in Iraq and unfortunately there are the whackos back here in the States that the MSM seems to focus on. The MSM did the same thing during Vietnam and caused us to loose the war when we had it won. With Blogs like yours and others plus FoxNews and most conservative talk radio shows we can subvert the MSM. There are more people that support our troops and the mission than don’t, but the MSM won’t show the people that support our troops and the mission. I hope you don’t mind if I send a link to your site Capt B to friends? Thanks for all you guys are doing.

  2. That is good news, that the locals are helping out more.
    The Marines and Soldiers risk their lives when inspecting IED’s, and show exemplary courage.

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