1. Hell yeah, buddy. I went to the local base tonight (actually, the Hooters across the street) and bought a round for every one of them. It was awesome.

  2. My grandson Jack was born 1 day after Saddam Hussein was captured. My granddaughter Clara was born today, 1 day after Zarqawi bit the dust. My daughter-in-law has agreed to “take one for the team” so we can capture Bin Laden in 9 months. I’m going to ask the DOD to front her $25 million for the college fund.

  3. The video is great there is a couple versions already set to music but because it was from a jet, the only noise on it would have been the pilots talking.

  4. Now they are saying that the piece of sh_t lived for a while after he was bombed, I hope he suffered excruciating pain before the scumbag finally when to hell.

  5. I’m just happy that he was reported to be conscious when they put him on the gurney – and the last face he saw on this earth was an Iraqi or American working at bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq. Sweet justice.

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