Although the media will down play this as one small brick in the wall of bad guys, we know that this is proof that what we are doing in Iraq is working! You have to give war a chance! Counter insurgency operations don’t get snuffed out over night people. Just because we kick the dog crap out of one group in a hundred hours doesn’t mean we will distinguish everything that way.

Along with the media, the left winged bedwetters will play this down in order to blur any credit going to the Bush administration. They will try to make Mr Z (aka sleeping with the fishes) a small fish, or a has been and downplay the actual success of the outcome. I hope I’m wrong but lets see what the CNNs do with it.

Now all the nay sayers that we have saying that we have become stale in the war against terror are silenced. Take a deep breath, your military is taking care of business, you just don’t notice it all the time unless these types of events are publicized. We are winning the war on terror and now isn’t the time to stop.

A quote from Sen Murtha:

“the continued presence of U.S. troops in Iraq is uniting the enemy against us.” (Footnote: the position of Zarqawi that allowed us to kill him was disclosed from a tip from the Iraqi people.) Enough said…..

A weird fact:

It is interesting the coincidence of Zarqawi’s death coming on the anniversary of Mohammed’s in the year 632 AND today the USS Cole is back in service!! (chew on that scumbags)

A solid pat on the back for all service members fighting in the war on terror!

Semperr Fi

Capt B

(this calls for a cigar)


  1. When I heard this morning on the way into work, I turned on Air America to here how they would spin it.
    The morning babe wasn’t running from the story. And they were saying it is important. However, the tone of her voice indicated there was an unsaid “But….”.
    But what about this.. But what about that….

  2. Oorah!!! I have been jumping all over my office this morning.
    One of my co-workers from the far left called me this morning, just to say “Yep, there is good news coming out of Iraq today.”
    I had told him previously, if he doensn’t find something postive in everything that is going on in Iraq then don’t say anything at all to me.
    This just made my day!!!

  3. Today is a good day. Congratulations to every american soldier.
    I hope this lowlife Zarkawi is rotting in hell with pigs slowly eating his flesh.
    Thank you soldiers for making my day.
    Cigars for everyone!!

  4. This a great news Capt B. No one on this blog or any others ever believed that you guys were not doing your jobs. The idiot news can slant it any way they want, but thanks to you and others too, we KNOW what is going on.
    There will be a lot of negative crap said about this but it sure won’t come from us. I am waiting for some idiot to come out with ” They killed women and children too!” As far as I know there has never been a war where civilians were not injured or killed. It’s tragic but that’s war. Get over it!!!!

  5. The father of Nick Berg who was beheaded by Zarkawi supposedly today compared the iraqi deaths under President Bush worse than under Saddam. The forum on Democrat Underground is having a field day with that.
    Oh and Air America this afternoon was back to “Bush lied us into Iraq” and “Bush stole the election.”.

  6. All the propaganda in the world can’t bring this POS zarqawi back from the dead.
    Outstanding work, American Military!

  7. Know what the best part is? That scumbag was still alive when they found him….and saw our US Forces.
    He died knowing WE GOT HIM!
    Of course now the left wing moonbats are saying he wasn’t that big of a catch. Whateverrrrrrrr.

  8. PLEASE stop referring to Congressman Murtha as “Senator Murtha”!!! Don’t give that jerk a promotion that he certainly does NOT deserve. Thanks.

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