If you’re going to assist in a terrorist attacks against the United States, run around tormenting your people, cutting their heads off, somewhere, sometime, someone is going to get tired of your debaucheries and sell you out. With the cooperation of the Iraqi forces, we delivered timely air strikes on Zarqawi. He is no longer a pain in the butt……….or breathing. Smells like he was "sold" out. I agree there is always a new one to step up in their place but "this" one is toast. You can run but you will only die tired. Good job thrown to the Iraqi’s. Have a great Marine Corps day!
Semper Fi

PS: Bin Laden, you’re next!


  1. I couldn’t wait to read your post today Capt B, I just knew you would sound off on Zarqawi. He has been a thorn in the side way too long. As for Bin Laden, it is only a matter of time until he gets what he has been asking for all these years.
    What a giant step for Iraq, things can only get better for them.

  2. Can you imagine how the guys who were apart of that strike must be feeling right now?!? They deserve a boat load or two of C-Gars!!! This must be a huge boost to all of the boots on the ground!!
    As for all of the “God willing” BS Zarqawi and his kind spew, I suppose he is now intimately familiar with God’s will!!

  3. Following up on my “please participate in this summer/fall election season” (which is the ONLY way we’ll have leaders with the political will to go after the Zarkawis), here’s a good link to find out about races in your state, including a link to “hot races”.
    In particular check out the huge monetary challenge Diana Irey has in her quest to unseat John Murtha in Pennsylvania.
    Our troops “got” Zarqawi. Let’s do our part to elect folks who will continue to stand beside them.

  4. Kudos to our troops for a job well done! I don’t want to sound unchristian over the death of a man, but honestly I see this as a good; as justice being served. I do believe this is indicative of our intelligence in Iraq getting better–which in turn is demonstrative that our relations with the Iraqis must be improving and they are finally willing to turn in terrorists. I won’t hold my breath to hear this type of analysis on the MSM. It is my hope and prayer that this will have a ‘lasting’ positive impact on the war on terrorism and hopefully wake up the Americans that have been brainwashed by the media. Too bad the media refuses to frame the argument for the war with honesty; bottom line we should all be supporting our troops as they fight to put an end to terrorism.

  5. Whoohah!…and isn’t it ironic that the USS Cole is going back into service today! That was some of Zarqawi’s work it seems.
    I agree with Sammy…vote your support!
    And congrats Capt. B…milblogger of the week!

  6. The “Cole” is heading back to MidEast for first time, has been at sea, but heading back there with 5th Fleet Task Force for first time. Thought I’d better clarify before Ben got me!

  7. Our brave Warriors did an outstanding job taking this A-hole down!
    They do this everyday to other terrorists, and I can’t thank them enough.
    Thank you Heroes!!!
    Bridget- Good point!
    Anchors Aweigh, USS Cole!!
    Semper Fi, Captain!

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