1. We just had a discussion here at work that June 6th is the anniversary of something much more important than “666”. Normandy was not even mentioned in our local paper today….sad.
    The blog is looking great Capt.
    Thanks as always.

  2. Thanks Capt.B. 61 years ago many brave men gave it their all so we as a nation and the world could be free. As early as 60 years ago some nations have forgotten that we were there, the rest are sycophants relying on the false premise that the U.N. is going to protect them.
    Your new site is very nice.
    Thank you for your service.

  3. Aye Capt. My pop was First Marine Division, Guatacanal. Nevertheless all we six kids were educated annually re: the beach. “We remember” posters at work seem a comfort; respect is right and good.

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