Thanks for stopping by! We made the move from blogger, set up our own domain and are off and running.

Updates will be more frequent than our last site per your request!

Please remember to update your short cuts……..sorry in advance but I had to do it!

Semper Fi,

Capt B


  1. Good to go, sir! I’m happy to see you moved away from Blogger. Layout still looks a little screwy in Firefox, though. Here is my best to you and your new home!

  2. Yea! Looking great Capt!
    And what an entry you had today..don’t see it here but thanks for the quotes from Mr. Scott.
    Saw United93 over the weekend and thing all that can…should…a good reminder of the fact that it’s terrorism…not oil!

  3. Soon to be added to the blogroll.
    Wow, this sailor is impressed–a Marine site where they can actually write.
    Most Marines won’t be able to read wothout pictures–at least the ones I met on the USS Schenectady circa 1991.
    We all have your back, Sir. We further are proud of you and everything you do.

  4. Hi Capt B. I am typing this in the dark, watching a KingB movie. I just had to tell you that I love the new place. Thank you for doing such a great job. Up dates in progress.

  5. Yay! Looking fine Capt B! Glad you have your own domain. Not to mention, that white type on black background was hard on this ole girl’s eyes. 🙂

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