This isn’t the first time a dress wearing, twinkie eating, zit face bag of bones piece of crap decided to imitate one of our finest. Here is a heart punch into a wanna be that should have stayed in bed.

But this isn’t the first piece of monkey crap to wake up and decide “hey, Im going to play soldier today” or for that fact Marine! The latest was in April of this year where

Colonel insignia: $5.50
Purple Heart: $38.95
Dress blues: $520
Punishment for impersonating a military officer: $2,500
Reaction from one former Marine: Less than gung-ho.
In this nut jobs case, Albert T. McKelvey stated end result he needed to ‘have” a title and be something he’s not. “He wore the uniform and played the role of colonel for years at veteran functions, holiday ceremonies and military funerals, giving speeches, celebrating the birthday of a Navy admiral and presenting folded flags to widows” What the hell are these people thinking?? If you want to wear the gear then get your ass downtown and enlist. There are a couple sandy resorts that would love to have you come play Marine in!

Last year this old hoot played it out until he got so busted. “Lawson had passed out coins — the kind of metal tokens generals and some senior enlisted give out in a long-followed military tradition. He even passed out coins at a recent post event to Marines from Bravo Company who just returned from a yearlong mobilization in Iraq.”
Two years ago, Walter Carlson, 58, of Summit, New Jersey, was arrested Wednesday at services for Marine Lieutenant John Wroblewski, 25, of Jefferson Township, New Jersey. He was released after paying a $10,00 bond.
These are just a few of the shit bags out there that want to taint the history, honor and respect paid for by our forefathers and warriors of today. This is actually good we are attacking this like blood in the water as many Bloggers have recently . If we don’t another shit stain will go and order his Marine or Army uniform and reap the respect due for the fallen warriors that actually paid the ultimate price.
I say firing squad FOR THEM ALL or flame thrower…………….their choice, Im in a good mood!
Semper Fi
Capt B

HUSAYBAH, Iraq – After three years without a police presence in this western Iraqi town of approximately 10,000, the community is beginning to see a fully-restored police force with the introduction of two new police stations.

With a new force of fully-trained police officers, many of whom are seasoned veterans from the previous police force, Iraqis here hope the added security forces will curb insurgent activity in the area, according to tribal sheikhs.

The Police Transition Team here, a team of Coalition service members responsible for training and mentoring Iraqi police officers, has worked in recent months to prepare these law enforcement officials for their duties of providing law and order here.

Despite delays in the arrival of necessary police equipment, such as vehicles, the new police stations are providing an additional asset for Iraqi security forces by collecting tips and information from citizens and responding to criminal activity to combat insurgent operations in the region, according to the transition team.

“The police officers are eager to get out there in the towns and establish a presence,” said Staff Sgt. Robert Torres, an intelligence chief with a transition team serving in western Iraq. “They are very organized, motivated, and they already have the respect from the community.”

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