BANG…..BANG BANG BANG!!………..Its 0001 Jan 1st 2006!!!! (eastern standadrd time + 8hrs)
Plan “B” – Things have been very busy here as we have been continuing to take the fight to Haji. You can’t stop the clock not even on New Years and so time continues to tick away at our fun filled adventure here in Iraq.

0530, alarm clock from HELL goes off, I use my panther like reflexes (not) to find the snooze button as wish I could sleep for another eight hours. Dash two alarm clock goes off and Im voicing some very colorful verbiage about this time and right out of a wake up scene from Bruce Almighty Im kicking, flipping trying to go back to sleep and ignore the clock. Morning chow is a nice cup of joe and a strawberry pop tart (not only wrapped in foil but good for you too!), a couple vitamins and viola the day is under way. Alarm clock number one returns for a second butt kicking but Im ready and mash the Chinese made plastic. Scratch one alarm clock…toast!

Mission for the day is to take some VIPs to another base to show them some great things Coalition forces are doing. No problemo. We roll out to an undisclosed landing zone (LZ) where they will land at. We make our way through the city and its smells ok but here comes that dang short of breath again but I see a lot of little Iraqi ankle bitters (kids) out and about which is always a great sign and they are waving vise doing the IED detonator motion with their hands…also another good sign. We motor down the major highway past a couple M1 Tanks (checkpoints) that have black soot all over them from previous IEDs, RPGs and gas bombs….not so much a good sign Watching out in the distance and gutters for threats things look good and we seem to motoring well. We get to our LZ and are all set up but where we are the sniper threat is moderate to high so we want to keep our VIPs protected and get them in the truck as soon as possible. The aircraft come in and drop off our passengers (PAX) and we load them up to take them to another location for their visit. Things are great and going smoothly and now we have to transport them to yet another location for more information and now we are going to go through the FUN part of town. We begin to load up and one of the civilian passengers turns to me and says, this isn’t like a downtown city in the states; you guys are pretty serious here. I said, Yes Sir these Assholes are trying to kill us so we kill them first. Oh man he wasn’t ready for that answer as I helped him put on his body armor. He was then briefed to stay put in the hummer as the crew got out of the hummers to go to condition one and load all of our weapons. Here are these civilians sitting there in a beat up, shrapnel spotted hummer watching a crap load of Marine loading multiple weapons like we were about to fight it out at OK coral……..wait a second that’s exactly what we were getting prepared to do. We headed down our prescribed route and black smoke began to rise off the road a ways. Usually nothing, sometimes a signal to let scumbags know good guys are on the road near by We approached a bridge and the scout vehicle called back that “the bridge is blocked” as I saw a sheep truck crossways in the road with no driver which meant we would go to plan “B”. One of the PAX that heard the conversation over the cab speaker asked what that all meant. I looked back at them and said “nothing good, hang on” and we turned to another street. We approached another trouble spot and new something was not right with the blocked bridge and lead truck spotted an IED. We were headed into a freaking ambush bigger than monkey shit and the three Hajis scrunched down in their Mercedes confirmed it as they were probably the maneuver element of the IED ambush. With some good training and quick actions we called an audible and turned yet again almost back tracking. An Army patrol was on the scumbags and had them cuffed on the road as we passed. Our PAX’s weren’t to sure and weren’t saying a whole lot when they saw the detainees in the dirt. The best compliment Ive heard since Ive been here I think was when all was calm when we got on the next base. When we walked in and one PAX stopped me and said, Im really impressed, Im not sure what all happened on our way over here in the convoy but thanks, that was awesome. Holding back a smile of being proud of the guys, I said, you’re welcome the men did good today and left to check on our trucks status.

As we hear a small arms attack unfolding in the distance, tracers in the sky and New Years approaches here in Iraq, I only hope they very best for you and yours this New Year. A new start a new beginning, and time to move on and a time to remember the past year and to plan for the next year approaching. Be smart, be safe and have a plan “B”.

(you may recognize the words to this bagpipe backed song as its taken from the movie “We were Soldiers Once and Young” )
Lay me down in the cold cold ground Where before many more have gone Lay me down in the cold cold ground Where before many more have gone When they come I will stand my ground Stand my ground I’ll not be afraid Thoughts of home take away my fear Sweat and blood hide my veil of tears Once a year say a prayer for me Close your eyes and remember me Never more shall I see the sun For I fell to a Germans gun Lay me down in the cold cold ground Where before many more have gone Lay me down in the cold cold ground Where before many more have gone Where before many more have gone In memory of Sgt. Charles Stuart MacKenzie Seaforth Highlanders Who along with many others gave up his life So that we can live free We will remember them all.

Some of you may also read some posts from a buddy of mine. Major B aka “Taco”. (click here to read some of his stuff) Well you see he is over here with me but not at the same base. We both have been getting a lot of encouragement to write a book. Well were gonna do it. We are going to combine our stuff and let er loose! HERE is where you can help. We need a name for the book. Got an idea?? Email me with it. If we use it you’ll probably get mentioned in the book. The book will be one of many ways for us to give back to all of you who have supported us and help other service members to get the same support that we got. Get of yer butts and shoot us a title!

Capt B sends………………………I gotta go blow something up and bring in the New Year right!!!!

Semper Fidelis


  1. Man where do I begin? The odds are so against me. I’m caught between a rock and a hard place. Here’s the deal. I’m one of those guys whose birthday falls on 9/11. I woke up on the morning of 9/11/01 expecting a quick piece of momma’s apple pie and a day full of just being the man. Instead my country was attacked and all I got was pissed off. I’ve been mad every since.
    I sat down that day on 9/11/01 and started a year long process of writing a patriotic song to help heal and motivate us for the task at hand which is surviving and fighting the enemy. Sounds simple only there’s that odds thing again. I thought for sure every one would like it and bend over backwards to help me get the song made and put out there. Not true. There’s a lot of people out there that needs their butts kicked. Either they want too much money to help get the song made or they just won’t even touch it. One little sissy producer said and I quote “ I can’t touch it, I can’t touch it! It’s dripping blood! Dripping blood!” Unquote. Can you believe that, what a coward. Maybe I’ll never get this song made and put on the air waves for every one to hear but with your help at least the armed forces can get a copy and sing it if they want to. I don’t have the money to send every body a copy so I need some one who can help distribute the song among the men for free. Please read the song and if you like it, help me get it out to the guys. They are the main reason I wrote it. It is written for the man who will pick up his rifle and step into harms way. If you help me you help him. Which helps us all. Pass this song on to any one you think can help. Here’s the song but first to set the mood here’s a piece of a song by Bonnie Tyler, I had to change a couple of words.
    We need a Hero
    Where have all the good men gone
    And where are those who worship God
    Where’s the street wise men of war
    To fight the rising odds
    Isn’t there a great white knight a pond a fiery steed
    Late at night we toss and we turn
    And we dream of what we need
    We need a Hero
    We’re holding on for a hero till the end of the night
    He’s got to be strong
    And he’s got to be fast
    And he’s got to be fresh from the fight
    We need a hero
    We’re holding on for a hero till the morning light
    He’s got to be sure
    And it’s got to be soon
    And he’s got to be larger than life
    Larger than life
    We need a Hero
    I pledge allegiance to the flag
    Of The United States of America
    One nation under God
    Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all
    Welcome To Bush Country 9/11
    Bush Country 9/11 is a fast paced rock ‘n’ rap boot stomping modern day patriotic I love America and we’ll kick your ass song.
    It was written for the troops to help them remember why we fight.
    We will never forget
    Death is not pretend
    It’s the trend
    When Marines descend
    Look for the clue
    Exodus 23:22
    He for told you
    Open your eyes
    Come alive
    And catch the tide
    A lot of Good men just died
    G – Confess your sins its good for the soul
    G – If you’re with me let’s roll
    R – ( Music begins )
    B – Stand up
    B – Shake the dust from your hair
    B – They soar like vultures in the air
    B – And only God can help the hearts they tear
    G – Fair weather friends are just pretenders
    G – Remember
    G – This is not for the week and tender
    G – We will rise from the cinders
    B – No matter the gender
    B – We don’t retreat or surrender
    B – Be prepared for how we deal with these offenders
    R – ( Shot gun pump )
    G – Send’em to hell
    G – With the blast of a shot gun shell
    G – Let’s roll
    G – Smok’em out and mak’em run
    G – Into the sights of my gun
    G – This is Bush country son
    B – There’s no escaping as it crashes
    B – The smoke and ashes
    B – Then the death cloud smashes
    ( Sound of building falling )
    G – Dear God
    G – Save the children as it passes
    B – Whistles in the steam
    B – From the ground our blood screams
    B – There’s no hope it seems
    B – So we cry
    B – Hold our candles and believe a lie
    R – ( Bell toll ) ( Soft )
    G – There’s still a chance they didn’t die
    R – ( Bell toll ) ( loud )
    B – Our light is in the darkness
    B – But the darkness shall not over come
    G – Look for the clue
    G – Exodus 23:22 he for told you
    G – Stand up
    G – Send’em to hell
    G – With the blast of a shot gun shell
    G – Let’s roll
    G – Smok’em out and mak’em run
    G – Into the sights of my gun
    G – This is Bush country son
    B – From out of the nation come men forged by fire
    B – Their devotion never tires
    B – Their mere presents inspires
    B – But they too are soon reduced to criers
    B – If you said you wouldn’t be
    G – You’re a liar
    G – Turn and face the ghostly rubble
    G – Work your shift then pull a double
    G – Men of iron don’t quit when there’s trouble
    G – In your tears there’s no disgrace
    G – Stand tall when their children see your face
    B – As long as brave men still answer the call
    B – We stand the tallest when we fall
    B – And we can not repay the debt we owe you all
    G – Long live the God we know
    G – From him the milk and honey flow
    G – When the winds of war blow
    G – He bends his bow
    G – And lays the devil low
    B – Vultures practice what they preach
    B – Don’t you dare turn the other cheek
    R – ( Presidents sound byte )
    P – Make no mistake
    P – The United States will hunt down and punish
    P – Those responsible for these cowardly acts
    G – Dive – Dive – Dive
    B – Stand up
    G – Get up
    G – Get out of that ditch
    B – Back up son
    B – Give me room – Give me room
    G – Send’em to hell
    G – With the blast of a shot gun shell
    G – Let’s roll
    G – Smok’em out and mak’em run
    G – Into the sights of my gun
    G – This is Bush country son
    B – At first tama hawks abound
    B – Then the jets pound
    B – They leave frowns
    R – ( Giants foot step – close )
    B – Unhappy clowns
    R – ( Giants foot step – closer )
    B – You think you can’t be found
    R – ( Giants foot step – closest )
    B – We’re behind you turn around
    G – FE – FI – FO – FUM
    G – Did you think we wouldn’t come?
    R – ( Shot gun blast )
    G – Dumb
    G – We told you once
    G – We told you twice
    G – You spill our blood there’s a price
    G – Take my advice
    G – Shave and try to look nice
    ( In coming missile ) ( Big kaboom )
    G – Whoooa
    B – The next ones for you
    B – Signed
    B – Let every man be a liar and God be true
    B – Save the last bullet your threw
    B – Men are closing in
    B – We’re coming for you
    R – ( Shot gun pump )
    G – Send’em to hell
    G – With the blast of a shot gun shell
    G – Let’s roll
    G – Smok’em out and mak’em run
    G – Into the sights of my gun
    R – ( Shot gun blast ) ( Music stops )
    R – ( Shot gun pump )
    G – This is Bush country son
    Bush Country 9/11
    By Bill Wagner
    Copyright 2002

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