We were out and about out west and visited some Marines and Soldiers living large, NOT. Their morale was high and they walked with their chest out knowing everyone did good with the accomplished elections. However they had No running water, bad chow and pooping in a 55 gal drum that gets burnt once a day, Yea that’s right you commie cry hole bed wetters out their in lolly liberal land, these are the warriors stomping mud holes in terrorists butts! Elections, they are in the past, done, victory, we are now moving on to the elections in December now and we have a lot of butt kicking, heal driving to do between now and then. No time to rest. No scumbag terrorist is safe, we are coming for you and if you haven’t figured it out yet….we are here for awhile and we aren’t to freaking happy about it so I guess you have to pay for it. Nothing like having a couple thousand US Marines stay in the crapiest conditions in the world and then take the leash off of them and tell them to hunt down scumbags!! WOW!! I think it should be declared a holiday……what to name it??………Freedom day?…Naa………..Christmas?………nope, that ones taken (but fitting)…….Monky Stomp Monday?………nice ring to it……… about….. “Come to your house and blow your stinking camel licking carcass into small pieces so small we will be able to bury your sorry butt in a thimble”………day???????? Kinda short but I like it!

Thank you ALL very much for your moto comments you have left below. I read every one of them and then go smoke a cigar and listen to counter battery artillery devastate sorry sally butt scumbags fleeing from their sorry excuse of attacks on us. It’s a great way to end the day. It is doggone outstanding that you all are so very supportive of your service members. Many know down deep you are there for us BUT allow me ensure they know by passing your comments on.

Today was a hazy mild weather day. Rainy season cant be far away. There were the normal IED attacks in the area with no injuries. Fortunately we can’t say the same for the scumbags. Counter battery rang out as the first one always gets ya if you’re not ready for it. Small children waved to us today as we moved about, something that doesn’t always happen. Usually they make detonation motions with their little hands telling us there is an IED ahead. Swell… to love the locals. Today was a quiet day, which probably means tomorrow will bring many mortars our way topped off with RPG and machinegun sprinkles to boot. Great, Grand, Fantastic! Kick Butt and have a nice day, Capt B sends.

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